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 "In my 82 years of life, I have never heard a voice like this. 
It is truly from above: the voice of an angel."    Robert Muller, United Nations
 "Mitra is a healer and a teacher to many,
a unique beauty and a bright light." Jennifer Aniston​
"You can go hear her sing, listen to her stories, or just be in her presence.
...but sooner or later, you have to see Mitra." Voice of America

Mitra's voice is so powerful and beautiful...I san sit with it for hours." Sheryl Crow

"The mystical beauty in Mitra's poetry and prayers is a precious, timeless gift.
She has captured the essence of an audacious, empowering love
and the reality of joy." Michael Bernard Beckwith​

"Mitra's voice is beautiful...refreshing." Joni Mitchell​

"Mitra is soul-felt deliciousness. Words do not express Mitra because they don't dance. Whether singing or teaching, her melodic voice soothes and enchants you into a deeper reality." Gurutej, Spiritual Teacher

"The world needs to hear Mitra." Denise Lampron, Author​

"Mitra's chanting touches the depth of the soul...
massaging the heart until all longing dissolves into an ocean of divine love. She weaves pathways of healing, planting the sacred wherever she is."
Agape International Spiritual Center

"Mitra has the control of an opera singer, the command of an actor and the voice of an angel."
Lisa Bowman, Jazz Singer

"Mitra's voice and presence takes me away to the land of 1001 nights, it's magical and enchanting."
Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary



       The Olive Harvest
                    Shanghai Mystery


United Nations
                     Hillary Clinton
                              Nobel Prize Recipient
                 Dennis Kucinich
Wilshire Ebel Theatre


         LA Mayor's Office: Women Making History
          LA Independent Music Award for Nirvana
         Mitra is the recipient of the Gold Living Now Award for 2016 from Independent Publisher. This award
celebrates the innovation and creativity of newly published books that enhance the quality of our lives.
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