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Newsletters 2020

Tools & Tips for 2021

Stones for 2021

Red and Jade Stone: protection stone for 2021

Citrine: to raise chi in body

Malachite: to strengthen and align.

Girasol: to raise spirits.

Onyx: to bring in focus

Amethyst: To open up communications

Obsidian/Citrine: To raise the "chi"


Outdoor exercise in nature is best in 2021.

Yoga and dance to bring forth healing and a great release outlet

All forms of exercise are recommended as the body needs to constantly create a release and recharge.

To create balance, yoga and tai chi can further support you.

Food and Nutrition

Eat light, lots of greens.

Small increments of food.

Watch intake of salt, also drink lots of water.

Saline Wash for sinus' as sinus passages are sensitive this year.

Ginger for digestion as the digestive tract is sensitive.

Cranberry supplements and water for kidney health.

Turmeric and garlic for joint health.

Mental/Emotional Support

Vitamin B supplements to manage stress

Lavender Oils to restore calm

Rescue Remedy or CBD for anxiety

Chamomile or Bedtime Sleep by Traditional Tea Times

Aromatherapy to create space of calm

Ocean waves or Reiki Vibrations on youtube

Therapy and Anger Management

Anger and Cooling the Flames by Thich Nhat Hanh

For More Information

Prayer and Reflection

Miraculous Silence by Mitra Rahbar

For More Information

Meditations and Breath Work

Meditate daily, if possible twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

Practice "Breath of Fire" each week or every two weeks to release pent up energies.

Breath of Fire Video

To release pent up frustration/anger:

Warrior pose Video

Do candle or object meditations to strengthen focus


The New Shore

In my mind, I have written various versions of this Newsletter, as there has been so much to say, but decided to write about the true gift of this December, the gift from the Universe-

The New Shore.


As you are reading this, you may be saying to yourself, 'Mitra, I cannot see the new shore, it feels the same as it has for months now.' But that is a 'mirage', there is a new shore, and it will become more evident in the weeks ahead, if not sooner. 


True to its powerful winds of change, the Year of the Rat, brought huge tides. We have seen the demolition of many social structures as well as economical and otherwise. Voices have emerged, humanity has been called to in a big way, and the call has been answered. On personal levels we have gone inward, to only emerge with more clarity, as we have said 'good-bye' to many and much, and welcomed the new.


And now, the Universe gifts our world as December 21st births the Grand Conjunction, an astrological event of huge proportions after 200 years. The Rat year promised that by end of its reign we would create breakthrough from limitations, and step onto a new path, and it is here, as this is the month of the Rat and it is making great effort to bring this forth. This Grand Conjunction births hope and optimism as the paradigm shifts into the Age of Aquarius, the age of humanity, arts, technology, travel, foreign land, and learning. This is very exciting, as all of our concern first and foremost is the state of our world. 


To have this great gift at this sacred time of Hannukah and Christmas, and on the night of the Winter Solstice is quite extraordinary, to say the least. 

We look onto this new horizon, this new promise and we ask ourselves,

'What would I like to do, to serve the world, and my life?'

This is the big question that will be upon each heart, for we have understood one thing very deeply this year, we cannot take time for granted. 


As we are coming to a close of the final month of 2020, I ask each of you to spend a few minutes each day in this reflection-'How do you wish to walk into this new shore?' For our intention coupled with our dedication, will bring us into this, these new steps. 


Thankful for so much, my heart is full of love and hope as I think of you. Many of you have sat with me in prayer and healing, and many of you have connected with me in various has all been such a blessing. 


And now below I have added a few things for you to take note of.


I will connect soon again, but for now, bask in this glory of the lights of Hannukah, the kindness and joy of Christmas, and the promise of a New Era of humanity.


God bless each of you..and may your steps be guided in Truth and Light. 

Walking Towards Each Other and Extending a Hand

We are awaiting the results of the US Presidential Elections. In a year of massive waves, we are still riding them out. The path to victory will be a happy one for many and for the other half very distressing.

So what is the path of victory? The true path of victory is in walking towards each other, not alienating one another, it is about extending our hand out to reach towards a hand we normally would not. This is when we can truly say we are victorious.

Many have shut down the opposing group. On social media pages, friends have unfriended friends and criticized other's positions because of their political beliefs. Names have been called and the walls have further gone up, shutting all entrances to each other, and at the rare instance that someone from the other camp has shown up ammunition has been fired, that of ugly rhetoric.

During the Hour of Peace, that I just conducted, I spoke about how we are not defined by our political parties, but by our soul, by our actions, deeds, thoughts, and words that we bring forth in our world. We are souls, all beams of light, all children of God, all capable of love, and loving both ourselves and others. We cannot be separated for we all are connected on one chain, to break this chain is to defy our mere existence in a sense. We are here to understand and to learn from one another when it is hard to. To come into a better world order we have to understand that the opposing views have to find a way to peaceful resolutions, through higher awareness and education. This will create more understanding. The walls need to be broken down and we need to extend a hand to those on the other side of the wall. We are all to be included in resolutions, in rebuilding, to truly be victorious.

So, as the days ahead may intensify as many will celebrate and many will mourn, let us remember what this country has been built on, and what our covenant, our promise is to ourselves, and the Universe- to always live in the integrity of our being, in the light within, and light of Truth.

I sit in prayer and meditation, reciting this mantra," I am not the body, and I am not even of the mind", this connects us more to the essence of the soul, and there it is very clear what our reason for being is - to love, to find joy, and to learn and elevate.

The Windy Sail and Our Liberation

& Tools For October


My Dear Ones,

This is the month that I have talked about since last year...October.

The sail is windy with planetary aspects creating pause, confusion, and chaos with both Mars and Mercury being retrograde for a strong part of the month. The Rat is trying hard to find and bring forth resolutions, but it is being confronted by the Barking Dog for most of the month.  This greatly affects the visibility factor and chaos that we have all been witnessing. The confusing elements continue and get stronger as the month proceeds. And yet, in the midst of all this noise, somewhere in between the cracks, we can find our truth, our liberation, and if we listen really closely our voice. But how do we handle the chaos, the intensity? By taking a pause at times, by disengaging from the chatter, by unplugging. The unplugging will support us to not lose our sanity and our equilibrium in this moth of high tides and sail.


It is through these winds and tides that by mid-November we will finally find our way and move strongly into the final weeks of the year. October is a bridge, in a way, and mid- November is the landing. 


It may seem like we are not creating progress, it may seem frustrating at times, it may seem like things will never change but this is far from the truth. Our standstill is not stagnancy and our lack of clarity is not because we are lost, it is because the tides each day bring a new circumstance or challenge. So, let us continue to believe, have faith, and exercise patience, for soon we will, my dear ones, be at a new shore and it is getting closer and closer. Let us keep the faith. 


Below, I have included a few tools that I feel can greatly support us in this windy month. 


And remember.....

many times winds bring blessings..

and they carry away debris...



Support Tools:



Girasol: to lift one's spirit. The "joy stone".

Malachite: To strengthen and align our being.

Lapis Lazulli: To connect to our higher wisdom.


Tapping the Body:

Each morning tap your body and awaken it, it is our way of saying good morning to 

each part of the body. After tapping, open your arms, and bend your knees, connect to your ancestorial energies, ask them to support and guide you.


Meditation and Music:

This very nurturing and beautiful music can help comfort us, and bring healing to our spirit. 

Devi Prayer:


Breathing Exercises:

Use the breath to bring forth release and calm. Do a one-minute breathing exercise daily. Each time elongate the breath, hold it for a few counts, and release it for a few counts.



Each day welcome it and close the day with the breath of gratitude. Breathe in gratitude and breathe it out. Connect to this breath and let it sit in you. Connect to nature, see the endless blessings.

We are not alone my precious ones..

We continue together..

and as we look yonder..

we can see the new shore..



The Ruth Bader Ginsberg That Lives in all of Us

October 2020

In this heavy vortex and intense year that the world and our country have had, the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's passing further shook us up, for she personified the goodness of our complex and flawed governmental system. She was the voice of peace, truth, reason, wisdom, and justice. As she closed her eyes to the physical world something within us awakened.  At first, the sadness and grief set in, and then something else flowed slowly through our veins and pumped our awakening, a rise, of the deep yearning of the goodness and courage that we saw in her, was now rising within us. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, made us feel safe, we mattered to her, this country mattered to her, and that my dear ones, somehow felt lost and forgotten to us amidst the chaos of this year. 


Deep grief has sat in many hearts at her passing, as many have thought, who will now protect the gates? Who will stand up for us? But, we have to remember Ruth Bader Ginsberg will never die, she and everything she stood for and represented lives inside of us all. Her legacy that was built over a lifetime, lives on, in each of us and our world. It is engraved not only in history but in the map of our lives. We so admired and respected this powerful beam of light, because she was the good, the humanity, of our world. And in truth, she was and is a part of us, of who we are. 


We each have a Ruth Bader Ginsberg within us.


 We all have the light, the love, the greatness, and inner-power to touch others, and lift and aid another. We have this goodness, it resides within us, even though we forget it at times. In truth, each one of us is powerful beyond measure, and what we do and say has rippling effects and touches so many, many that we do not ever see. 


In a year such as this, when our lives have drastically changed, when so many have and are suffering, we can claim two things, the choice is ours - our humanity, or our fear. The truth is that we are afraid, we are scared on so many levels, but should it define us? Is it truly what we wish to put out into the world and our lives? Or do we want to claim the goodness, the inner power that lives through our light?


We will wipe our tears, we will erase the dust from our tired shoes, and we will rise, we will stand tall, we will lift and carry one another, and we will believe that we can overcome all adversities if we understand that our problems, our challenges, and our triumphs affect our world, we are all part of one chain, one world, one pulse. 


So as Ruth Bader Ginsberg is laid to rest, she will now be our guiding angel...we will call upon her, in times of confusion or despair, and like all angels, we will trust that she is watching over our world. And the best way we can honor the Ruth Bader Ginsbergs and John Lewis's of our world is to create footprints that will propel humanity forward, not backward. 


We will not lose hope, nor faith. We will not fear, but love. We will not divide but unite.


This is the mantra we will recite, and soon we will see that our voices have been not only heard, but this will be the new song for our century.


Onward we will move together..



The We in The I

September 2020

I heard a knock on my heart's door,

I asked who is it?

It is we, they replied.


Who is "we" I asked.

It is we that reside in you.


I stepped outside and saw no one.

I walked on a path and there I saw a block of tents for Veterans,

they sat alone, or together, dismantled, out of place.

Their eyes did not look at mine, their heads were down, or looking into space. 


My heart throbbed, I heard it beat faster than before. 


I turned a corner, and saw a colony of cats and their babies on the street,

they looked skinny and scared.

Who was feeding them, would they be ok?

Would they survive the streets?


My heart felt deep concern, as I felt an ache inside.

What was happening to the other ones,

were they paying even a higher price?

The path narrowed and turned.

I walked my steps now slower.

I saw a bunch of boxes, and carts, blankets on the ground.

I saw young women and men, children, and elderly, and dogs sleeping on the cold floor.

"Hungry" was written on the boxes, "need work", or "please help, I need your help to survive." 


I felt the tears fill my eyes,  I could see their faces were similar to mine. 

My heart closed in, I could not breathe.

They were me, we were the same the "we" in the I.


I sat down on a big rock. 

Tears flowed down my cheeks.

What has happened to us?

This is not our destiny.

We who move the moon and stars,

we who travel through the skies,

is this who we have come to be?

Where, where is the humanity?


I got up mustering all my strength,

and walked a bit more down the rocky path.

I saw an elderly person crossing.

His hands were shaking, and there to my heart's delight a young man

helped him cross the path, the two walked then, side by side. 


My heart lifted slightly...there was hope.

My tears flowed, from not a pain this time, but a joy. 


I walked back home down the curvaceous path.

I sat on my carpet, my head in my hand.

I was not just an I.

I was the we.

I am the homeless, the veteran, the cat on the street.

I am the aged, the forgotten, the silenced, those in pain.

I am not just the I, I carry the we.


So in the midst of this chaos and the craziness I see,

I know there is a tribe, the tribe that is the "we".

And we believe that we can overcome all these travesties.

What has been done to humanity, is not acceptable to me.


I get up with my pen in hand,

from here I begin.

To bring a shift of consciousness,

 to try to heal the I through the we.

Create Healing and Peace 

September 2020

My Dear Ones,

It was at the very end of the Reign of the Pig in early 2020 that the Coronavirus began, as we know it today.

For those of you who have taken my yearly workshops for the Year of the Pig or Rat and the Numerology of those years, you may remember that I was concerned that the realm of the Pig would bring illness. This coupled with what I spoke about for the Rat Year, the year of possible viruses and respiratory issues, as well as concern or problems with travel, were topics that were discussed. But not in my wildest dreams did I think there would be such a global crisis.


And yet, I have repeatedly said this is the year to break away from limitations and fear. And now there is a test upon us, for there has been a big limitation placed on all citizens of the world and fear has moved in too close.

Each of us has heard, read, and been bombarded through various channels of the media about this virus. We have been instructed and advised on how to build our immunity, how many seconds to wash our hands, and many other ways to stay healthy and not spread the virus. The doctors both holistic and western have been at the forefront guiding all of us on how to proceed.


But the one thing that I feel is important for me to discuss in this Newsletter, which I hope you will read and share, is strengthening our spiritual, emotional and mental protection.

The fear of fear, the fear of illness, or the fear of security and internal safety is another form of crisis that has emerged and not spoken about but so important to take note of in supporting our wellness. 

Many people throughout the world have felt this "lack of security" on a daily basis in their lives as they have faced severe adversities in their countries and governments. It is scary and uncomfortable and when we allow it, it owns us, and stops us from living, from any level of joy, and from peace.

So how do we obtain peace in the midst of a global crisis? How do we shut out the chaos from permeating?

How do we not let the virus become embodied in our daily thoughts and nights? How do we shut out the barrage of information that is infiltrating our thoughts each second of the day through the Internet and TV?


This is where I would like to possibly offer some support and guidance.

Our inner sanctuary is exactly that...

A temple that needs to be cleansed, purified and walked upon gently.

Meditation and visualization in our inner sanctuaries are the keys to purifying our thought patterns, for changing our perceptions, for knowing that no matter what happens on the outside, if we are anchored within, if we feel God, if we connect to the light within, we will feel safe.

Safe means feeling loved, feeling the light fill our being, feeling that we. within us,. are ok.


I want to introduce to you a few tools to support your journey as we encounter the present and future challenges...share it and practice it. In connecting to our bodies, our energetic fields, our psyches, and the spiritual higher self,

we can create a spiritual protection for our mental and emotional self. This will greatly support us to prevent fear from overcoming us, to keep balanced, and to feel safe inside.

Please practice the exercises below all at one time or at different times throughout the day, whichever you wish.


 1. Awakening with Gratitude: Each Morning as you wake up take a moment as you sit in your room becoming aware of the gift of being present. Feel your gratitude, no matter how you feel about your life and speak to yourself of gratitude of being, of the gift of life itself in this moment. 

Start your day with this gratitude


 2. Blessings: Bless your day with goodness, and good thoughts. Speak it," May this day be blessed with goodness". 


3. Tapping: Start awakening your body by tapping it for a few minutes. Tap everywhere. Your lungs, heart, chest, arms, legs, face, head, etc. Honor it and enjoy the awakening. This supports your wellness. It helps with blood circulation, invigorates you, and helps release the emotional blockages of the body.


4. Lungs: Take a big breath in, hold your breath for many seconds then slowly release it, supporting and strengthening your lungs. 


5. Heart Health: Put your hands in a prayer position. Your hands will be slightly cupped. Then 9 times clap them together. Then take your cupped right hand and slap the forearm. Do this 9 times. Then repeat with your left cupped hand on the other forearm 9 times. Then with your right hand cupped slap your underarm 9 times. Now do the other side 9 times. Repeat this entire exercise 9 times. 

This helps with circulation and strengthening of the heart.


6. Re-centering: Then we put our hands on our hearts, hear the rhythm, thanking it, for beating.

This helps anchor and center us.


7. Ancestors: Open your arms wide and bend your knees as you stand, connecting to the Earth, call in your ancestors to support you and guide you. Close your eyes. You may feel a very strong or powerful connection to faces undefined.

This is a very special moment, for we can feel the energy and support of hundreds before us.


8.  Radiant Healing Light: Finally we come to standing still as we visualize healing golden light around our body. The golden light has rays of red light in it. 

Feel the healing energy penetrate through your entire body. Then slowly let it expand to your home, neighborhood, city, state, country, and world.

White Light: Then after a minute or two visualize white light around your body, your home, city, country, and world.


9. OM: As we see all in white light we will chant an OM connecting us to our higher selves and disconnecting us to the chaos. Repeat the OM.


To do this practice each day is a strengthening of our spiritual beings.

It helps us find that space and place within us to come home, to stand in.


So my dear ones, as you are taking care of your bodies 

take care of your soul, your spirit.

Take this time of pause, to connect to all that is good, all you can learn.

Take those online classes you so have wanted to, do the meditation and visualization exercises that are so available on youtube and on many other places.

And more than anything keep positive and when negative thoughts come into our minds do this very simple exercise: 

Stare at a certain spot for 10 seconds then shift your eyes to a spot to your right, for 10 seconds, and then to the left, for 10 seconds, then go back to the spot you began at. This is a great exercise to redirect us and help us not get fixated on something.


For those of you who have my book, please read the section on Visualization It is a powerful tool that will greatly benefit you now.

Energetically let us all visualize our world in healing golden light. 

Let us do this many times a day.


Let us live not in fear, but in the joy of connecting to our light and the Divine Order, and in this safe and beautiful light, let us find our safety.


I hold you in this light,

With love and healing for our world,


Ownership and Doing it with Love

September 2020

It has been quite an unusual time in our world, in our country, in our lives. If anyone would have told us last year that in 2020 so much would happen that would bring us awakenings, new thoughts, perceptions, and decisions, we would have laughed and betted them wrong! And here we are, in the height of the Numerology of the year, where the tides are still strong, and the limitations still present....and yet,we are swimming towards a new shore, and each day we are getting closer, although at times it may feel like we are at a standstill. The truth is that even a standstill or pause, is progress, although we cannot see it.  


We have all been transformed this year.  Our ways of communicating, relationships, and priorities have shifted. But yet, the uncertainties and chaos we have and are witnessing have affected us deeply. We are still residing in much fear and uncertainty. Who or what is it that owns us? Is it a person, a thought, feeling, or the state of our country and world, that has claimed ownership to a part of our being? Do we want to release it and free it and ourselves? What is holding us back to create this release of fear?


I know what you are thinking..."Mitra, this is not easy". Yes, it may not be easy, but it is not about easy, it is about freeing ourselves, serving ourselves, honoring ourselves so the external chaos does not rob us, of us. We are owned by these thoughts and feelings; they take over us, stop us, and paralyze us. And the interesting thing is we try to justify them by thinking that fear is now our owner, that we cannot shift it, that  somehow we have become one with it. That is talk of the ego. This is the void of self-love, and Love.  The ego is the false sense of pride, not the honor but the illusion of it. In this year and the years prior we have seen that much is not right, with our world, with our lives. These thoughts that have taken ownership of us are not  serving us. 


How do we shift this? By really intending to. Once the intention is there, the rest falls into place. Intention is to say, I am secure without these ownerships. That I know I can fly, for I have wings, even if I have forgotten that I do. For years a dear friend of mine believed she was very small. She believed she was what she had been raised to believe. Left alone she slowly released those notions and saw herself through the eyes of Love.  She discovered she was an amazing artist; she was a beautiful woman, who could do things on her own, and not only survive but  live a beautiful life. Although she had not ever believed in herself, and the words and her upbringing owned her, she had to finish that 'lease', and write one that spelled, 

I am free.


We may be limited in where we can travel or what we can do to an extent right now, but these limitations cannot own us, for true freedom is within us. It is the knowledge that we are able to fly in our lives, the distance, or where, does not matter. 


It is also about doing things with love, not with disdain. When I was in my very early 20s, I became a social worker. I fell in love with my job, it paid little but I was so happy. I made it work by getting a roommate and began teaching dance in the afternoons after work, for I loved dance. I learned a valuable lesson in life then and that is to love our craft, our work, our lives, is really what it is about- to do things with love. When we live our moments with and through love, the energy is full of colors. To cook with love, to water the garden with love, it is all an energy of living the moment in a space of gratitude. When we do things without love, they do not fulfill us, they fall empty. It is not the have to's of life that we need to be so concerned about, but our purpose of being here: to find joy..and to serve.


So, despite the elections and COVID 19, despite the turmoil in our country, let us find that inner freedom to free ourselves of the chains that hold us down...and let us do and take each step with love and is in this that I believe we will find our rise, our true freedom, as a people, country, and world.


With the Hopes for a Peaceful World.


The Strands of White Hair

July 2020

The strands of white hair were showing each day more and more. I guess having colored my hair for years, I had forgotten that I may have white hair. After the first three months, the change became a new look, it was freeing. Why did it need to be buried? It did not. At least not now, I was seeing a new me. And it was freeing. 


The truth was that COVID19 was revealing the white hair, the makeup-less faces, the comfy slacks. We were not hiding or wanting to hide. The truth of so much of our lives was being revealed to us, if we cared, or dared to look. 


As I was thinking about this NL, a friend of mine came to mind.  Each time she goes for a physical exam she goes on a sugar-free, fat-free diet for ten days prior to seeing her doctor. When her blood test results come back the doctor compliments and praises her on having great blood work!  However, as soon as the blood work is done she goes back to her usual diet of eating sugar, dairy, and rich foods. She cheats herself each year with this two-week starvation diet and in a way buries the truth beneath the covers. But one day it will come out, it is inevitable. And when it does she will probably have wished that she had done it a different way. She will then understand 'cheating' herself did not serve her and masked her truth.


For us, COVID 19 has been the same. It has brought out all that we did not want to look at, the relationships, our health, our security, our vulnerability, our homes, the country, our truths, whatever they may be. During this time of introspection, many parts of our lives went under a microscope.  We saw the flaws, the voids, and listened to our inner voice, slowly but surely.


In these revealing moments, we have felt so much. At various times or days, we have felt a vast array of emotions from joy, to sadness, to bouts of anxiety. We tried to hide the difficult emotions at first but then it became a universal truth of sorts for us all. We were all feeling out of sorts, weird, strange, uncertain, and misplaced with all the new information, feelings, thoughts, and life changes. 

How were we to process?


And then there was the other rather interesting  happening - we felt relieved at times that we did not have to go out or go to work, and was able to stop and take a breath and even felt joy; yes joy. We felt guilty to feel joy or contentment. We knew and understood this pandemic had created so much suffering and this deeply pained us, and yet, in another sense we felt this joy, in being free in a sense from the things that we no longer felt we wanted to do, our limitations. Could we voice it? Was this ok? Was it ok to feel peace or joy, or a liberation of sorts? Was this normal?


Yes, yes, yes....what we have and are experiencing is unlike anything we have or may ever experience again. Hopefully, it has awakened us on many levels. We have to give ourselves this permission, yes permission, to honor what we feel without guilt. If we feel bad, or sad, or angry, we need to give ourselves this permission to honor it and process it. If we feel peaceful and joyful or liberated on various levels we need to do the same. What is important is not to bury the emotions and like the emerging white hair, to see it, and once we do, we can then decide if we want the  white hair or not. In giving ourselves permission we are saying it is ok; it is ok to feel, to be tired, and sad, and happy at the same time, or in the same breath. 


Furthermore, this will allow us as we process it all to find clarity so when we take the steps and leaps to bring forth change, later this summer, we will spring forth from a new footing -

that of faith and belief and self-love. 


Additionally, we need to remember that although we have come to believe leaps require courage it is not courage here that we seek, or need, but self-love and the belief and faith in ourselves and in the Universe. Once we find this, the rest will come easily. 


So, as I am slowly getting ready to dye my strands of white hair, and color them with a red or purple (why not?!)  I remember now that I have them, I honor this, and I so embrace it.


So let us see the white hairs, let us see the tears and joy, and then as we get up, and take steps to prepare us for our leaps forward, let us believe, in our own abilities, our vision, and our hearts. After all, my dear ones, just look and you will see, what has brought us to this point is one word -




With love and inspiration,


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