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Newsletters 2022

April/May 2022

The time to Allow

This year, the markings are so clear to read. There is so much that the Universe is guiding us to, and it is no longer a whisper but a strong call, or even a shout. And each of us, is hearing this, loud and clear.


Like all of us, I have seen and heard some of the footage of the Johnny Depp trial. Of course, I try not to engage too much with noise or chatter, but I have seen and heard enough to understand the underlying currents of it all. We each have a Johnny Depp inside us, the part that is vulnerable, the part that we feel we are not deserving, the part that we think we are small, and not claiming the light within us.


In the last NL, I spoke about the notion of walking away from our light, but in this case, it is not about walking away, but not claiming this rightful place gifted to us by the Universe. In him voicing his pain, we have realized two things: one is that no one should be put on a pedestal, we are all human, with trials, falls, and glories. Our culture in recent years has become obsessed with the notion of celebrity, not artistry. Like many other things that have changed in the last two years, this is now changing too. We are realizing that we cannot glorify actors, singers, and athletes, etc. It is not fair to them or us. Rather we can judge their art, their craft, their sport. We need to allow them to be human, and they also need to allow themselves to do this for their own sanity and life.


The second thing we have learned here is how the inner voice of pain needs to be healed. We cannot carry the huge burden of the pain of past years or decades on our shoulders. It will break us. We need to take it down, and one by one, piece by piece, and in time, with love and care, create healing. If we don't the pain becomes anger, becomes self-sabotage, becomes venom that poisons us and others. 


It is time to allow our truth to be revealed, for us to claim our light, claim our pain, and walk into healing. 


In this allowance, we will finally walk into self-love, something many of us have forgotten about or never felt at all.


As the next month is about Eclipses, about endings and beginnings, let us also take this time, to end our victimizations, our toxic relationships, our self-hatred notions, and let us begin a new chapter, one of healing, self-love, and care.


As the Spring breeze is tantalizing all of our senses, and awakening us to so many truths, let us open our arms, lift our heads to the Skies, and say...

" I am ready, I am ready to claim my light, and love myself as You love me".

April 2022

Reclaiming Our Light

It is already April, and each week it seems that there is so much to process in this very impulsive action energy year.


Like some of you, this year I decided to watch the Oscars, I had not seen it in the last two years and thought it would be fun and entertaining. And as all of you, I did a double-take when I saw the slap and I thought it was a staged act, I realized it wasn't. I knew the aftermath would be great.


I was very clear in what I saw. And I realized how much we all are in need of time and space to process things, and when we don't, we don't heal, and we create actions or say things that later we may regret. I have talked for years about creating a sacred space practice. A daily practice connecting us to our Higher Consciousness. This can be done through prayer, meditation, affirmations, mantra, yoga, or daily walks. But the key thing is consistency. It is not about becoming peaceful for those few minutes each day, but it is about opening ourselves up, to a new conditioning of our being, a new perspective and way of life. 


To do these daily practices is to constantly connect to our inner light, and there we are more patient, kinder, and more loving.


When we don't have any type of daily practice and get triggered we react poorly, and then later regret it and ultimately end up feeling even worse. 


This is what happened. There was a feeling of getting triggered when there was vulnerability, and instead of a response, there was an impulsive lashing out, which then brought more confusing feelings and regret. It was about stepping away from the inner light. This happens when this conditioning has not been done and when we feel we are invincible, immune to our inner emotions. Truth is we are always vulnerable, and we always, each day, need to anchor our beings to avoid being rattled by the external world.


Also, the concept of kindness became a focus that night for me. As people, doctors and teachers, students and nurses, actors or comedians, we are either in the audience or at center stage. In either position mindfulness and consideration is necessary. Our words carry energy, carry emotions, thoughts, and weight. When we practice mindfulness, and when we practice this conditioning, we are more able to see and choose with kindness, and love. We can choose words that will not hurt others, and understand that that hurt, will indirectly be our pain as well. 


As a society, we have glorified profanity and violence. When we constantly see this in our movies and music, we become conditioned to think this is how we need to communicate. But in truth, we are to be better than this. This bar we have set is too low.


We are to be true communicators of the soul, to create great lasting art, to create music that awakens us, to choose words that inspire us. This is the bar that we should set.


As the days have passed, I pray, I pray for our kindness, for the insight to choose to connect to our inner light, and to never step away from it.

Whether it is the situation with Putin, or what happened at the Oscars, let us really understand, that it is always and always about the light, and kindness. This is our salvation as a people, and as a world.


Russia & Ukraine - The Light in the Dark

I did not think I would be writing about this ever, like all of you, an attempt to invade Ukraine, was just not on my radar of thought. And like you, I was stunned, shocked, and then just plain devastated.


How could it be?!


This act of violation that has torn at our hearts was a rape, nothing short of that. It was the act of a person whose greed and darkness have taken over his humanity, and his rationale. This bully is flexing his muscles over one who is not as big or strong as he is.


But, you see my dear ones, bullies never win. darkness does not take over light, it never has, even if it appears that it has. Light always emerges, even if as just a flicker and that flicker lights up a path through the vastness of the dark. But in this situation, it was not and is not just a flicker but a huge beam of light cutting through that darkness, and what is that light you ask? It is the people of Ukraine, and our global community who have come together, in protests, in prayer and meditation, in trying to find a way, a measure, to stop this absolute insanity.


And yes, we may feel helpless but we really are not, for we are beyond capable mentally and spiritually to create change. The mind is where there is power, the intention, the prayer, the belief. 'Really, Mitra?' you ask me and I will say 'yes, really'. It is from the mind and hearts of men and women that change has and will come, it is from prayer and meditations that we can create shifts in our world. So yes, yes, it is possible, and we are already seeing the possibilities.


The people of Ukraine...what can I say about them that you have not already seen in the last weeks? Their hearts, their courage, their dedication to their country, and each other have all been a huge lesson to us all in the power of the people, unity, and that of love.


Always we will be tested, always. Sometimes it is more jolting, for maybe it is what we need as a globe, to awaken more, to create more change, and to see the illness that resides in our society, with many of our leaders.


As 2020/21 shook up our world and all of us have in a sense changed, 2022 is about the roar of the Tiger. It is about the sudden jolts that shake us up, but hopefully, hopefully, bring us closer to one another, as a family. The barriers are being broken down and all that will be left will be our humanity.


Why has this happened, why this level of devastation, why do so many have to die, so many have to suffer? 


And here, I will offer this, and it may be a different perspective. 


We as humans are attached to the physical life, we are attached to life, to each other, and to our external life, our job, country, etc. But, our spiritual soul, or true self, is not. It is not attached to these attachments, and it is merely here to experience, to learn and grow from, and hopefully to elevate. 


To us, in experiencing this life, acts of violence are horrific, and we cannot understand them or accept them. In the Spirit world such acts of entering the realm of darkness, and stepping away from the light, have major repercussions. Spirit World is very different from our physical world of existence. And it is in this that we can find any level of peace, to know that there are karmic retributions, all is not lost. To also know that those who suffer and die in such acts, will find deep peace and rest in the afterlife, they will not continue to suffer.


I know what you are thinking and asking. You are saying, 'but they are suffering now Mitra!' And I will say, 'yes, they are,' but I am not presenting this to you from an earthly perspective, but from the realm of Spirit.  And in the realm of Spirit, this life is an experience, but not the totality. 


As an intuit and medium, I will tell you, that spirits who created joy and light will reside in joy and light, and those who created ill, need to answer, need to correct themselves, need to overcome their darkness and create their elevation as souls.


To understand this is to understand our spiritual life in this external life. It is very hard, and it does not take away from pain or the injustice and devastation, but it does offer a window, and through this, we can find in a sense our salvation as a people.


For now, and the weeks ahead, I offer prayer and visualization to help us move through this vastness of dark. This will be the light that will lead us. We will donate, we will protest, and we each do what we can to stand up, to rise, and to voice this injustice. And I truly believe, that through this we will walk into a different vision of how we see and choose our governments and leaders.


I am enclosing a couple of videos below. Please see them, please pass on this email /videos to others. 


We are all hurting, we are all jolted, and we are all awakened to this injustice, and it will bring us together, it will not divide us, this is where we will unite, this is where we will see the cracks amidst the rubble, this is where we continue and hold on to our belief and faith.


The Year of the Tiger Enters with a Splash

February has just ended. And the Tiger has made its presence known to us all. As the Year of the Tiger commenced, the Olympic Games began in China. The competition as always was fierce, but much drama was seen this time around.


In the Women's Skating Competition, there was the favorite, Kamila Valieva, truly one of the most magnificent skaters to ever grace the ice. Born in the year of the Dog, she suddenly found herself in huge controversy over her use of certain drugs. As mentioned in my workshop, the Dog has problems with the law this year, and they need to be very careful, else they could feel depleted.


And she certainly did, her emotional stress led her to fall many times, costing her not only her medal but so much more. But amidst these rubbles, still her light was shining brightly, as an outpour of love was expressed globally for her.


Then there were the two young figure skaters from Russia. One claimed the Gold, and the other won the Silver. Both were born in the year of the Monkey, they focused on the prize and won it. However, as being the sign of the Monkey, there was no real support for them. One was ignored and the other was devastated at not winning the Gold.


Now, we come to the Men's Skating Competition. Nathan Chen, born in the year of the Rabbit claimed the Gold. Yes, as mentioned, Rabbit has the Sun Star this year. It inspires all of us and how can we miss that radiant glow?! And then there was one of my favorites, Kagiyama Yuma, the young Sheep born, the Silver medalist. He was a breath of fresh air and was followed by the Ox, who won the Bronze. As mentioned in the workshop, the Sheep and Ox have a rise in popularity this year. 


And then there was of course the all-time favorite, Shaun White, born in the year of the Tiger, getting bruised emotionally, tears falling, but still victorious. His name is forever etched in Snowboarding. The very interesting thing is he was rooting and in admiration of Ayumu Hirano, another young Tiger, who won the Gold!


At this point, I was just stunned at the accuracy of it all. It was truly uncanny.


As the Olympics came to an end, we were bolted into the horrific news of the Russian invasion.


I remember how I explicitly said that Russia has strong energies this year, for it is year of the Sheep in its present-day government, but then, to my surprise also, is Ukraine. And this is what I am banking and hoping for, for this Sheep (Ukraine), to conquer the other. But I kept thinking of Putin, and I thought he is a Dragon, and for Dragon's this is not a great year to take huge action. What is propelling him? So, I dug into his astrology and saw the culprit was his hour of birth- he is born hour of the Snake. And the Snake has the most drama of any other sign this year.


So, there it was in front of my eyes, the Tiger had clearly begun the year with a huge splash. It has created much drama, surprises, and bruises. But in a sense, it has also rewarded certain persons (Olympics) to have their moment, and shine, who would normally not have.


I am hoping that the Tiger will do what's right in the situation of Ukraine and Russia. I think and am hopeful that the outcome will also create new world precedence - that the power lies with the people.


I wanted to share this information with you, as I thought it would be interesting for you to know.


The Sheep and Rabbit seem to be truly having a rise, and the Ox also in a slightly smaller way. The Tiger is reigning, and the Monkey is fighting for its place. And the Dog is being revered, even though it may feel rattled.


Interesting food for thought. Let us keep our seat belts on.


The Tiger's Reign is in full blast!


January 2022

 Welcome 2022

I cannot believe we are in the year 2022- even saying it seems unreal to me.

Yet here we are, and soon we will be at the birth of the

Chinese New Year of the White Tiger.


The last day of 2022 was marked by the passing of the beloved Betty White. Her passing brought a huge wave of sadness. I have been reflecting on this. Betty White was 99. We all knew she would pass. So why the huge surprise, and a huge ongoing wave of grief?

Betty White was the constant and consistent beam of light and joy in our world. She was always happy, kind, and funny. She played parts that were endearing, but more than that she symbolized goodness. The last three or four years as a global community we have faced an awful lot of sadness, anger, grief, disbelief, and many other emotions. Our country and home base, once secure and our sanctuary, no longer felt safe. In a big way we felt violated. We felt shocked, betrayed. And then came the pandemic and that brought with it more insecurities, more division, isolation, and more waves of sadness, loss, and grief. But there was Betty White... still smiling, still kind, still funny.


Betty White was the goodness that our souls so needed to believe in, in the backdrop of a world that seemed to be going more into chaos daily. Betty White was what we all agreed on, what we all believed in. And now, with her passing, it seems like the goodness, the unity, the kindness, and belief of decency and humanity has dissolved into the thin air.


But this cannot be further from the truth.

Betty White was a public figure, yes. But in each of our lives there are Betty Whites. There are many who are always loving, kind, and caring. There are so many who each day show up, care, and bring joy to others. And each one of us, has that Betty White in her/him. We, each one of us, are born to be kind, compassionate, and loving.


If anything, the passing of Betty White and the beautiful and amazing Desmond Tutu, remind us of who we "truly" are, who we are "meant" to be - loving beams of light, caring for each other and our world.


Maybe we can learn from Desmond Tutu and Betty White to see the best in one another, to lift one another with a smile, even when we are not on the same page or corner. After all, we need to remind ourselves that this garden of life, has many flowers, each beautiful, and yet, each with thorns.


We are not perfect. We each have come to learn and elevate, but maybe we can understand that the primary reason we have come here to this Earth, to this life is to love, bring joy, and be of service.


I, as Anne Frank, believe wholeheartedly in this goodness that resides in each of us, and it is in and with this belief that I know 2022 is the opportunity for us to restore, and mend the brokenness. To see the goodness that lies within each of us.


This is some food for thought as we are going through the days and weeks ahead.


Wishing you each a New Year blessed in good health, peace of mind, joy of spirit, and love.

Blessed be our world in healing, and our hearts in compassion.

Let us come together in prayer....

O Great Unseen...Light of All

We come to You turning the page,

from one year to another.


We have carried sadness and pain,

heart ache, and tears.

We have seen our world in turmoil,

and many in struggle in this year that has passed.


We have learned, we have grown,

and we have understood, that there is much that

we need to heal from and create healing in.


O God..

We cannot do this without the guidance of Your Universe.

We cannot do this without the light of knowledge and wisdom.

We cannot do this without the love and compassion of our hearts. 


Grant us patience, where we cannot understand.

Grant us pause when we want to forge ahead without thought.

Grant us belief when all seems lost.


Guide us to the truth of our being.

Guide us to the love that resides in our heart.

Guide us to the sacred bonds that connect us.


Lead us to a better tomorrow.

Lead us to find our healing.

Lead us to rise above the differences.


Lift us O Beloved,

From these ashes

To a stream of higher awareness 

So we may find our wings.


May we always find this faith

May we always find this belief

And trust that we can, and we will,

build a world on these pillars 

for all humanity.


May it be O Great Unseen,

May this be our prayer,

upon our lips and heart,

For each child, and mother,

each brother and sister

each rock and river,

tree and life,

May it be..

May it become ..

A world of love, 

and hope.


I open my heart O Light,

And awaken to this glory of what may be

As I sit at Your door. 


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