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Newsletters 2021

Magical December

We have come to the final weeks of 2021. 

 Of course, as we look back 2021 feels like a blink of an eye, but in truth, much has happened in this year. Our world has changed, we have changed, and yet much is still uncertain. 


As we are coming to the close of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, I wish to take a moment of pause. I know in this season, there are long to do lists, and there is a frenzy of trying to wrap up loose ends, but I feel it is important to reflect on what is so vital - the essence of this time.


There are many who celebrate these Holy Days of Hanukah and Christmas, and many who don't. There are many who love this time of year, and many who cannot wait for it to be over. 


In truth, each day is sacred, each day is holy, but there are certain dates that have been written in history, and although these dates may not be accurate there lies an important significance, for each of them. are a passage to Light and awakening.


The birth of Hanukah is about hope in the sight of struggle and pain. It is about the honoring of the light source within us and around us, it is about coming into the light, so true healing can occur, and the rays of hope can shine forth. 

And then there is Christmas, the birth of a being who changed the world, with his teachings and his final passage. 


To me, this is the essence of this Holy time of year, the birth of love and light in our world. The reminder that through the darkness there has been hope, that through the greatest of all sacrifices there has been a resurrection of our beliefs. No matter what our religious beliefs may be, we can all understand this - that our humanity is in much need of love and light, of hope, and kindness. In this we stand in unison. 


So as the shopping lists are growing, as the trees are being decorated, and as gatherings are being formed, I hope we can take a pause. A pause to remember that our world has so struggled in the last couple of years, and what has kept us all going has been hope, has been kindness, and compassion, and the understanding that we are all in this together.


This season is sacred, we will see the birth of light...

and as we reconnect to this, we will be able to create a more peaceful and loving world for all humanity...this will be the belief in which we will build a better 2022.


May it be so my dear ones..may it be so


I bow to You O Great Unseen,

I bow to the gifts You bestow upon me each day.

I give thanks for all You have gifted me with

and all that You have not, for they are all a blessing. 


May we step into kindness and compassion each day..

May we sit with peace and act through it..

May we lend a hand to those in need..

And may we walk lightly upon this Earth.


In the deepest of gratitude, I bow to Your light,

And sit in this reverence as I whisper,

Thank You.

The Tides of Autumn

"I am not part of the division 

I am part of the unity"


November is here.

Full of twists and turns, bumps, and haziness at times, we will find ourselves wanting to run, and yet, the bumps don't allow the run. If we run, we may fall.


Housing two eclipses this month, this is a month of change, a month of surprises, especially in the first 20 days. It is time to release, and also time to initiate and make new plans.


Each year at this time I talk about the "essence of the holidays". Although I am sure we all know by now after two years in the pandemic, that we are more aware of life itself and much more aware of what is important, what we prioritize.


May Thanksgiving this year be about gratitude, about service, about unity.

And may we not run into these sacred times, but walk into them with joy, openness, and detachment from the more superficial aspects.


Below, I have enclosed a poem that I wrote, two years ago. I reflect on this each day myself. This is about the gift of our inner connection, to the child within us. May we take care of this child always, and hear the whispers that this child speaks of, for it is pure, without any manipulation or lies.


O come O come! said the child to me

Come let’s play and laugh so free

We ran and skipped into the night

Till dawn we played till the Sun came up

Finally my eyes found deep sleep

And I awoke to find the child was me

Mitra Rahbar 2019


In November, hear your whisper, your higher intuition. Use stones such as Lapis, to connect to your higher wisdom. Use malachite or onyx to strengthen you.


Walk with intention, with purpose, and also with openness.


If there is a pause, allow it, if you feel uncertain, sit for a while, as you walk, enjoy the walk, the terrain. Whatever you do, however you are, embrace it.

May the change of colors of the leaves, and the cool air, bring us the needed change, bring us the release, bring us the rebirth.


One breath and one step at a time...


With Heart and Inspiration,


Message for Autumn


We are here, at the birth of Autumn, and the beginning of October. As mentioned in previous Newsletters we enter a different paradigm of thought and action after the first 7 to 10 days of October.


How this will play out regarding the Pandemic, is not known to me, or anyone else, but how it will play out in our lives, I do have more clarity and confidence to voice.


The closing months of the year, are usually a time of high activity for most. It is a time when we try to fill our calendars with to-do lists, doctor's appointments, and holiday get-togethers. In the two years of the Pandemic, we have done this to a lesser degree of course, in order to obtain some level of normalcy. Yet the big question is this: Do we want this normal? Or has the Pandemic created deeper shifts of perception within us?


This for each person is worth examining. And once examined, if our answers are different from two years ago, we need to find the belief, courage, and faith to walk through a new door, a different scenery of sorts. What I have heard more than anything in the last two years is how people felt they needed to create change in their environments and their groups. So many stated once the Pandemic was over they were going to move, go back to school, or do something they have so wished to do but never found the time, or courage to walk through.


The Pandemic is not over, yet there is more wiggle room, and I truly believe by end of January this space will greatly expand. As busy as we may be, it is now in this time of Mercury retrograde, a great time to reflect, and see how we wish to step "out" and "into" our lives. Once we honor the whispers of our soul and claim it, we are well on our way to creating it, one day at a time.


Till then, I hold you in warmth and joy.

Blessed be your steps, blessed be your passage.

Birthday Message


Over the Summer I celebrated a new birth year of life, entering a new decade.

In the last couple of months prior to the big day, I had been reflecting on my life as we all do, especially as we get older. The memories playback as if watching a movie, and as we look back, we see the textures, resonance, and feelings we experienced.


As I was reflecting, all I felt was love, love, and love. I feel I have lived a life that has been so blessed with various levels of love, that of special relationships, of work, mission, artistry, culture, people, country, and of course service and God. It has always been about what has called to my heart. It is very interesting that although there have been challenges, and at times the challenges have included pain, grief, and disappointments, what stands out is that in each turn, I have lived my life in my truth, always doing things I loved, always fulfilling my mission. And today and each day, all that has been left behind is love...not the pain...but the love. 


I have lived in the essence of my truth although at times it was so challenging to do so, as I swam against so many tides of culture and society. Even in the trying times, I learned to pause, and hear the whisper of my inner world, for not living my truth for me has not been an option.


I have loved how my soul's expression was channeled as a dancer, singer, poet, storyteller, communicator, psychic, teacher, healer, social worker, and peacemaker. But, above all, I have loved my life of spiritual devotion, of being connected to Source. It has been my constant support, love, companion, and heart.


As I look to this new decade of life, I am more aware of our borrowed time here, on this Earth plane. I am more aware that it is not so important to do a million things, or chase dreams, but to be present, and actually live this life in its most simple pleasures of living. 


I am not dreaming of faraway lands, but rather I am happy to see the leaves on the trees on my street and the sun streaming through the branches. I am not looking for cafes and restaurants, but basking in the joy of eating the food from my garden with a loved one. 


I am not defined by what I am achieving, or by whom I know or don't know, but by whom I am helping, loving, and serving. 


As I look to my life, I have been blessed to have many children, spiritual soul children of my heart throughout the world, in the US and Canada, Iran and Afghanistan, Spain and England. It is such a beautiful gift, I am sometimes in awe of it, how can it be, that this motherly love has filled my heart with so many?


And yet, I am very aware at this stage of being, of what I am choosing to put my energy in, of how I wish to create my footprints in the sand. It is important here that I honor all those who helped me, supported me, and lifted me, there are so many angels. I remember my first client, Bernice, whom I read for when I was barely 21 and a social worker, and through her, I built the foundation of 40 years of being a reader and a channeler. I recall Pari Zangene, the legendary Folk Singer, who gave me folk songs and encouraged me to sing them, for my generation, and I recall Ixchel, the tough dance teacher who made me cry but made me a better dancer. Each of them gave me something of their being, and I now carry it. And each day, I know I am standing on the shoulders of angels, as they carry and lift me.


I wish now to walk barefoot in the sands, for no longer do I need shoes that fit, I need to feel the Earth and always feel the deep connection between this loving Mother and my soul root. I wish to raise my arms and draw in the magic of the Stars and dance with the Moon. For I have understood that nothing can fill the heart as much as these connections of Divine Essence. 


We are so blessed, each of us, and I have realized that it is not important what we have, but how we see all that we have and to live each moment in the essence of gratitude.


I want to thank each of you reading this, those I know and those I do not. Thank you for being part of my tapestry, for reading my NewsLetters, for connecting, for being present with me. I leave you with this: Live your life as you wish, through your truth, it is possible, what is not possible, is because of our own limitations. This I have learned in life. Life is about belief and faith in its magic. 


I love you...

I hold you dear and treasure you, and always honor my journey with each of you.

Thank you for the gift of you.

And I look forward to creating more magical moments with you.

With Joy and Gratitude,


The We in the I

I heard a knock on my heart's door, ‘I asked who is it?’ It is we, they replied.

Who is "we," I asked. It is we that resides in you.

I stepped outside and saw no one. I walked on a path and there I saw a block of tents for Veterans, they sat alone, or together, dismantled, out of place. Their eyes did not look at mine, their heads were down, or looking into space.

My heart throbbed, I heard it beat faster than before. I turned a corner and saw a colony of cats and their babies on the street they looked skinny and scared. Who was feeding them, would they be ok? Would they survive the streets?

My heartfelt deep concern, as I felt an ache inside. What was happening to the other ones, were they paying even a higher price?

The path narrowed and turned. I walked my steps now slower. I saw a bunch of boxes, and carts, blankets on the ground. I saw young women and men, children, and elderly, and dogs sleeping on the cold floor. "Hungry" was written on the boxes, "need work", or "please help, I need your help to survive."

I felt the tears fill my eyes, I could see their faces were similar to mine. My heart closed in, I could not breathe. They were me, we were the same as the "we" in the I.

I sat down on a big rock. Tears flowed down my cheeks. What has happened to us?

This is not our destiny. We who move the moon and stars, we who travel through the skies, is this whom we have come to be? Where, where is the humanity?

I got up mustering all my strength and walked a bit more down the rocky path.

I saw an elderly person crossing. His hands were shaking, and there to my heart's delight a young man helped him cross the path, the two walked then, side by side.

My heart lifted slightly...there was hope. My tears flowed, from not a pain this time, but a joy.

I walked back home down the curvaceous path. I sat on my carpet, my head in my hand. I was not just an I. I was the we. I am the homeless, the veteran, the cat on the street. I am the aged, the forgotten, the silenced those in pain. I am not just the I, I carry the we.

So in the midst of this chaos and the craziness I see, I know there is a tribe, the tribe that is the "we". And we believe that we can overcome all these travesties. What has been done to humanity, is not acceptable to me.

I get up with my pen in hand, from here I begin. To bring a shift of consciousness,

to try to heal the I through the we.

Critical Weeks of Release and Liberation

August 2021

Critical Weeks of Release and Liberation

It is here, the period I have been speaking about for the past three years, or so. The period that is marked with strong release and liberation of our soul, the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Of course, this transformation happens when we fully embrace our pain, create healing, and awaken to the wisdom of the Universe.

The other day someone asked, 'Mitra, why has nothing happened, you said it would, why hasn't it? Why does nothing feel different, why has change not happened?'

I asked her, what she had done to create change, internal or external. She said, 'not much.'

Change, the kind that liberates us from within requires our dedication. As a student of life, we need to sit with it, and allow the teachings, embrace them, and then apply them. This is a process and cannot be obtained in a month or two.

In the last few years, we have devoted part of our time to healing and awakening. We have all been very aware of the cycles of strong wind, we will have seen and felt the tides, and swam through them.

And soon, very soon, we will be at a new shore, but if we have not honored our inner voice, or created any shifts, then the patterns repeat, until we awaken to their lessons and wisdom.

I remember as a young child, I picked up the flute, eager to play it for the school band. I was so frustrated with it, for no matter how much I blew into it, I could not get a decent sound. My teacher said I needed to practice each day for a month just with the top part to get a sound. Was he kidding me, I thought?! But he was right, and so I would go into my bedroom and close the door and practice and practice, until one day magically, I heard a beautiful sound! I was so ecstatic! I still had to learn how to play the flute, and of course, that took a long time, but I had broken through the initial barrier; I had learned how to make the flute produce a beautiful sound.

The same is true of us. We have practiced, meditated, worked hard, and soon we will hear a beautiful sound, and it will delight our senses, for it is the sound of liberation, of breaking free of the chains that have limited us.

As the end of August brings this final passage into a big release, September will bring us into a period of high activity, feeling like we can breathe again, and once Fall comes, we walk into our clarity, feeling more centered.

Does this mean all life will resume as it did before? No, for much has changed but we will find our footsteps and walk with more confidence and belief.

Have faith, believe, and know soon you will spread your wings and fly beautifully.

We will get through all this, hand in hand.

Keep faith.

Oh Mountains vast and Rivers flowing

O Nightingales and Night Owls singing

O Moonlit nights and Stary ones,

I share my song with you...

So you can know my heart and story.

As the winds blow,

May I find my wings,

and as they lift me,

May I soar...

As the stars twinkle may I find my inspiration

And as the moon fills up may my heart fill up with its magic

May the days bring what the night promises, a dawn of hope,

and may the world sing as one

May we arrive hand in hand

and sing of this, our freedom

and there may we connect to all the sages and gurus

and chant their names.

And may we sleep and dream and live with this- our liberation.

This is my story, one of unity and love

May it be heard and lifted to the Gods above, on the wings of the angels into the Heart of the Divine.

May it be so...

May it be so.

Afghanistan & Haiti Relief

Afghanistan and the re-emergence of the Taliban have sent shock waves throughout the world. In a day, all changed for the Afghan people, and devastatingly so. This followed by the devastating earthquake in Haiti has truly shaken us in this year of pandemic and stress. It is heartbreaking, earth-shattering, and each of us has felt helpless. It seems that any energy that we were trying to produce that would be of lightness and positivity got sucked out of us.

But it is not so...

The human spirit is powerful, beyond measure. The international community has already been trying to create ways to help both Afghanistan and Haiti. Countries have opened up to accept refugees from Afghanistan, aid is going to women and children, and many organizations are gathering aid and supplies for Haiti.

Our world has been hit hard. We have fallen to our knees.

Now, we get up. We stand again, and we find resolutions as best as we can. We are hurting, yes. We are heartbroken, yes, but we are also soldiers of Love, we do not give up, for we believe, in the goodness that can be.

I am including links below for donations to Afghanistan and Haiti. Please share with your friends.


Go Fund Me-


Hope for Haiti -

As it is written in Miraculous Silence:

I pray...

May we see You

and know we are never alone.

May we understand that You always lift us.

May we have faith

that no matter how difficult today, tomorrow,

or that the days follow may be,

once we know You and surrender,

we will always reside

in the peaceful light of Your love.

This is my prayer for all.

And with this,

I shall remain each day.


July 2021

July Guidance

July is a powerful month in the cycle of this year, for according to Chinese Astrology it is the opposition month of the Year of the Ox, it is the month of the Sheep. Sensitivity will be heightened, especially for those born in the hour or year of the Ox, Sheep, Rabbit, and Boar.


Channeling this heightened sensitivity into creativity, or spending time in nature will be greatly supportive. Meditation, reciting mantras, reading, etc, will also help us feel more anchored. 


Some may experience breakthroughs this month, and many will go through big tides of change. All of this will lead us more into the liberation and freedom that September will cement. 


July holds the joy center this year, and in this, we will also feel, the passion, and joy of life and being. 


Look below for some recommendations for this month. 

As always embrace, allow, and enjoy these tides of change, and trust that they will rejuvenate you.

For July:

My New Short Video
A New Perspective: I Don't Know...

Watch Here


Malachite, to keep you focused and aligned.

Onyx, when energies feel overwhelming.

Lapis, to connect to Higher Guidance

Girasol, to connect to the inner joy within


I am free



I choose to be free

I am the child of Light, and therefore light

The challenge is my opportunity to grow

Fear does not define me

I wish to see myself through the Eyes of Love

Books to Create Healing:


Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child

Written by Thich Nhat Hanh

For More Information

Click Here


No Mud No Lotus

Written by Thich Nhat Hanh

For More Information

Click Here


The Wisdom Walk to Self Mastery: Ancient Wisdom for Transforming Pain

Written by: JojopahMaria Nsoroma

For More Information

Click Here

May-June 2021

Summer of 2021: Tides and Transformation

The tides of change and transformation are kicking off in the last ten days of May and into the Summer months.

It will liberate us, guide us, and at times make us feel a bit overwhelmed as the news and many events in the world may feel out of our control, but is critical to this cycle of liberation.

In these powerful tides, we need to trust that we are guided, and allow the journey to unfold as intended.

Early in the year, I spoke about the temporary mercurial energy of 2021. This energy is most present in the next four months through the end of September. It is important to know that it is after September that we can truly lay down the foundations for our lives, ie., projects, decisions, etc, and till then it is time to just allow, explore, enjoy, and be mindful of our steps.

There will be much shifting of thought patterns, with groups claiming their voices, and calling for peace and resolution. This will lift us to want to do better for our world and will elevate all of us into a new vision of global unity.

To support your journey in the months ahead I have created Whispering Wisdom, a series of short talks in both English and Farsi.

I have put the link to the first video of the series and other news and astrology updates below.

For today and the days ahead recite the mantra, I am present/ I am free.

Remember at all times to go easy on yourself, don't judge yourself, but rather love yourself, for that is what will serve you. Allow the Lunar Eclipse, this week, to find its way, and create resolve, and as Mercury goes retrograde, give yourself time to sit for a moment, reflect, connect, and just be.

Till we speak again...


With Heart and Inspiration,


Astrology Update

Mercury retrograde date: May 29 to June 22 in Gemini

Lunar Eclipse Date: May 26th

Solar Eclipse Date: June 10

Chinese Astrology Update: For those animal signs that feel challenged this year, such as the Sheep, Rabbit, or Ox, note that July is the month for you to allow for more rest, create travel, and connect to nature. This month may trigger your emotions more. Use malachite when overwhelmed.


Whispering Wisdom Series in English and Farsi

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Whispering Wisdom Part 1: Creating Space

Listen to English Here:

Listen to Farsi Here:

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My New Song

Hope is on its Way

Sung in Farsi will be released next week on Youtube.

Special Talk

You Were Born to fly

Mitra did a talk discussing restrictions, goals, and learning. The talk is followed by a light meditation.

If you would like to listen to the recording

Click Here:

*The link will only be available until June 1 so if you would like to keep it please download the recording*

Project HOPE Responding to COVID-19 Surge in India and Nepal

Hospitals are at capacity across India and Nepal due to a devastating surge of COVID-19. Project HOPE is rapidly mobilizing critically needed medical equipment and PPE to help health workers respond.

Click Here to Help:

May 2021

Born to Fly 

In the last few months, I have been contemplating the concepts of goals, ambitions, and our mindset with them.

Throughout my life, I have been very much goal-oriented, always having a dream, a target that I felt I needed to pursue.

Sometimes the goal would be obtained and sometimes it wouldn't, and many times the roads would have wild twists and turns that would bring me to the window of a terrain that was refreshing and unexpected to see. 


I remember very vividly, less than a decade ago, my husband and I were on our way to Iran from Europe. Our flight had problems and we had to spend the night in a midway city. Many others were like us and we all ended up at the same hotel needing to spend the next 24 hours with each other. My plans had been deterred, and we had been inconvenienced, but what happened was magical. I got to spend the next three meals with a group of German tourists, who were on their way to Iran as well, and I so much enjoyed it and learned so much about their homeland, their culture, and met a couple of people that truly touched my soul. It was a gift, and if my flight had not been deterred from its plan, I would never have had one of my most joyful experiences!


As we set goals, we need to also be sure we do not lock our minds and hearts in a single-minded pursuit. We want to allow the road to turn, and life to unfold. We want to let the spaces to breathe, not to be boxed in without the cracked open window. The goals are in the land of tomorrows, we don't want to miss on the now, the magic of the present moment we are in, and all that may unfold, different than our perception, or goal.


As I was contemplating this, I saw a video that OSHO, the wise Guru, had recorded that was similar to this thought. It is a very interesting video, and one that opens our eyes to a reality that we have not before seen.


The month of May by its midpoint is the beginning of a very busy and transformative cycle, I feel it is very important to cut the strings around our ankles, so we can fly, so we can soar to new heights, to new perceptions, and visions. Saying "I don't know" will serve us much more than" I do know," for in truth all is unknown, and it is only with open arms that we can experience this flight, and if we close our arms, the flight is not possible.


Please be kind to yourself, open your arms, and take a leap of faith for you. 


Mantra for May:

I am free

Hamsa (sound of the breath, connecting us to all there is) 


And please click on the video link below and hear what OSHO speaks of.


Listen to Osho Here


So excited to share this with you!

Chela Reyna is the creator of an absolutely unique and exquisite online magazine for writers which featured my story in this article. She approached the angle of the article through a different lens, one that is focused on my immigration journey and poetry.

I am thankful to her for giving my story a voice.


Read My Immigrant Journey and My Poetry


Please check out this exquisite online magazine,

Writers for Rights by Chela Reyna.

Every page is truly a gift for the senses!

View Here

April 2021

Notions & Yearnings

As we are moving into April and then May, many of us are making plans. As the pandemic crisis is declining, there is a hope, a hope of seeing one another, traveling, creating gatherings, and a feeling that after a year of lockdowns, we are able to come to some level of normalcy. Last year, we were forced to sit, and in this space, many went inward, questioning much, and understanding further what was important to them. And this year, as things open up, there seems to be an urgency of wanting to get out there and create a splash. 


Yet, what is important is to allow ourselves to further break free of the limitations we have placed on ourselves. These notions we have had may no longer be important or valid. Do we want to make the same choices or want the same things we did two years ago? Or is it time, to see ourselves as who we are created to be free to fly?


Throughout my life, I have been different things to various groups. The Iranian community has seen me, as a dancer, then later a singer, my clients and students have seen me as an intuitive and teacher, and to some others a peace activist. In truth, I am all those things, and not limited by one. And will there be more definitions? Yes, probably, as I am open to exploration. 


 I recall a dear client I had twenty years ago who was a psychiatrist, and through a trip to Russia, he fell in love with the country and became interested in space and changed his profession to being involved with space gear! I remember when he told me this his eyes were beaming, and he said, 'I have discovered something I love, beyond my wildest dreams!' He was open and had allowed himself to explore life. He moved to Russia and lived a very full life. He was at that time well into his sixties.


We have perceptions and notions that restrict us: age, profession, regions, etc., wherein truth, there are fewer restrictions than we think, and how can we know what is behind a door unless we open it? 


So, as we are busy trying to "get out there", it is important to take stock and remember all we have learned and how we have grown in the last year, and that there are many doors and windows that can open our minds and bring forth new perceptions, and some we may fall in love with!


Let us remember, it is quite important to still allow ourselves space. Space to just be so we can hear the whispers of our souls and listen to our yearnings. This cannot be heard when we are filling up our days with endless to-do lists and busy thoughts, but only when we allow nothingness.


The other day, a minister friend of mine made a very wise observation, he said, 'Rather than doing, it is maybe time to build. To build things that will serve our world, our missions, our hearts.' The older I get the more I recognize this - it is in sitting and allowing space that our truth is heard, not in constant chatter and business. 


So, I will continue with this mantra, I am present, as this will connect us to our breath, the Universe, and our Higher Self.


And please at all times remember...

You are born to fly...


Enjoy the Spring air...

Spread your wings...

Open the windows and doors...

and enjoy the flight...


For Spring, Rebirth, and Renewal


Spring...the season of renewal, rejuvenation, and hope is upon us. It is when all life celebrates its entrance with a song and waking up from the long winter nights of cold. Let us connect to its significance.


Nature adorns herself with vibrant colors, the birds sing songs of love, and everything feels more magical and inspiring.

The Spring Equinox is the birth of this magical season, where belief and hope are further awakened, and where we practice this mantra,

I am present. 

We breathe in gratitude for arriving at this moment, and for all we have been blessed with.


I will be celebrating Norooz, the New Year, celebrated by many people from Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and more.


A few days before Norooz, we celebrate Chahar Shabeh Souri, where we jump

over fire releasing that which does not serve us from the year that has passed and welcoming the New Year. It is a beautiful tradition, for truly, what does not serve us or no longer holds a place in our life, would best be given to the winds...the rains...the rivers.


How wonderful it is to welcome Spring with open arms and an open pray and meditate on the wellness of our world, and its healing.

I wish you all a magical Spring, may you awaken to the magic that is you and life.


As we begin this season, let us connect to our inner light, our gratitude, and the joy of being present, today, now. It is easy to lose sight of the blessings, but all we need to do is breathe in all the beauty that is before us; the stars, the sky, the birds, the trees...and in this connection connect to the Essence of it All...Light and Goodness.


Here also let us drop the notions we have, those that box us in, and open our minds and heart to stepping into the unknown steps that will open new doors and adventures for our soul...we can never discover this unless we allow it.


So much to be thankful for, as we bow to the Universe... as we bow to the light that resides in each of us, and as we connect to the ancestral energies and the angels whom each day guide us forward.


Magical Spring is here...let us embrace Her with wonder and joy!


To those who celebrate Norooz, wishing you a Happy Norooz!


With Heart and Hope,

With Heart and Inspiration, 



For Spring, Rebirth, and Renewal


It is time...


Time to awaken from a long winter night's sleep,

to open the shades and let the sun pour in,

to smell the fresh fragrance of blossoming flowers.


Time to welcome the spring showers

and to dance with the rains,

to renew our promises to the earth,

and to plant new seeds of hope.


It is time...


Time to be in gratitude,

to recognize our blessings,

to revive our spirit.


Time to be present,

to be kind,

to refresh our souls with newfound joy.


It is time...


Time to walk towards our dreams,

to unite hand in hand,

to come together peacefully as one,

to celebrate life,

to dance with the winds of change.


Dear Mother Divine,

may our spirits soar to new heights,

may we fly to new plateaus of awareness,

may our lives be joyous

and our actions reflect love,

and may we walk,


with a peaceful strength.


Now is the time...


In these first days of spring,

may we honor our promises to ourselves,

turn our heads to the skies in prayer,

and open our arms to the magical possibilities

of this season,


of life.



is our prayer,

whispered to the wind.


A poem from the book

Miraculous Silence

Written by Mitra Rahbar


Music to Welcome Spring

Ishallah Baroon Biad

Gift of Spring

Performed by Mitra Rahbar &Rama Morovati

Sung in Farsi

Listen Here 

Year of the Ox and the 5 Universal Year

It is here...the Metal Ox has just walked through the gate and into her year.


The Ox's powerful presence can be felt...silent and yet quite powerful. The energy of 2021 is very mercurial with constant chatter and noise, one of the things the Ox is not crazy about. The year at times, appears as a wild ride, with high activity that will not be interrelated. This trend will continue till the end of September and it is in October that the year will settle down. Till then, there is a lot of temporary energy, fast, mercurial, and diverse.


The Metal Ox is one of the strongest of all Oxen types. She is ethical, quiet, driven by purpose, honest, kind-hearted, and a lover of arts, and artistic expression. She is not showy, nor driven because of money, she is a no-nonsense lady, and does not like quick schemes, or things that are unruly. However, this year, the Ox finds herself at times needing to go against the status quo, needing to shake up things, this started with the Rat, but in the reign of the Ox, it is not the virus that will most probably take center stage, but rather groups of people, and ideologies. 



Most of us, like the Ox, do not like change but this is what all of us have to adapt to; change. Also, we need to be quite mindful of communication and be sure to communicate, and not lose our tempers. Relationships may feel this strain at times but it is important to not build walls but break barriers. In terms of the world, the Ox will try its best to first resolve things diplomatically, and create peaceful measures, but if not successful, then she will use more force. 


This transformative year holds much promise for each of us. The Ox and Sheep will feel the energy of change and transformation strongly. Be sure you give yourself downtime in this big year. The Monkey and Rooster are appointed as leaders by the Ox! The Tiger and Snake become a star! The Dog finds adventure, and the Horse finds its stride again.

The Dragon focuses and finds inner breakthrough. The Boar travels and explores, and the Rabbit reflects and studies. 


For each animal sign, I have put a few keywords


Rat: Be courageous, enjoy, prosper! You can create big tides.

Ox: Your year to Shine! Be creative! This year is pivotal and transformative. Patience. 

Tiger: Patience. Guide others. You will have recognition and create progress. 

Rabbit: Reflect, study, plan for the future.

Dragon: Focus, be mindful, interesting turns.

Snake: You are a star! Progress and breakthrough! Interesting year.

Horse: Seek a mentor, find a higher purpose, take care of yourself. A much better year!

Sheep: Embrace Change, Your life will shift this year! Be patient, take time outs. 

Monkey: You are a force this year! Awaken to you! Lead. Release ego, Big year!

Rooster: Climb the ladder! You are leading! Everything is possible! Don't argue. Big one!

Dog: Enjoy life, nurture, create beautiful memories. Adventurous year!

Boar: Travel, create movement, allow daily space.

Anchor yourself, focus, and don't create long to-do lists. Prioritize. Be mindful of your diet, your stomach, and allergies, sinus problems, or upper respiratory issues. Eat in small increments, and take naps to rejuvenate. 

Take walks in nature, exercise, and allow downtime through the active periods, especially in March, April, end of May, July, end of August, and September.


We have walked into a new year...

one of transformation and change. 

Let's trust the walk and the journey!


Happy 2021 and the Reign of the Metal Ox!

Tools & Tips for 2021

Stones for 2021

Red and Jade Stone: protection stone for 2021

Citrine: to raise chi in body

Malachite: to strengthen and align.

Girasol: to raise spirits.

Onyx: to bring in focus

Amethyst: To open up communications

Obsidian/Citrine: To raise the "chi"



Outdoor exercise in nature is best in 2021.

Yoga and dance to bring forth healing and a great release outlet

All forms of exercise are recommended as the body needs to constantly create a release and recharge.

To create balance, yoga and tai chi can further support you.


Food and Nutrition

Eat light, lots of greens.

Small increments of food.

Watch intake of salt, also drink lots of water.

Saline Wash for sinus' as sinus passages are sensitive this year.

Ginger for digestion as the digestive tract is sensitive.

Cranberry supplements and water for kidney health.

Turmeric and garlic for joint health.

Mental/Emotional Support

Vitamin B supplements to manage stress

Lavender Oils to restore calm

Rescue Remedy or CBD for anxiety

Chamomile or Bedtime Sleep by Traditional Tea Times

Aromatherapy to create space of calm

Ocean waves or Reiki Vibrations on youtube


Therapy and Anger Management

Anger and Cooling the Flames by Thich Nhat Hanh

For More Information


Prayer and Reflection

Miraculous Silence by Mitra Rahbar

For More Information


Meditations and Breath Work

Meditate daily, if possible twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

Practice "Breath of Fire" each week or every two weeks to release pent up energies.

Breath of Fire Video

To release pent up frustration/anger:

Warrior pose Video

Do candle or object meditations to strengthen focus

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