Newsletters 2021

Year of the Ox and the 5 Universal Year

It is here...the Metal Ox has just walked through the gate and into her year.


The Ox's powerful presence can be felt...silent and yet quite powerful. The energy of 2021 is very mercurial with constant chatter and noise, one of the things the Ox is not crazy about. The year at times, appears as a wild ride, with high activity that will not be interrelated. This trend will continue till the end of September and it is in October that the year will settle down. Till then, there is a lot of temporary energy, fast, mercurial, and diverse.


The Metal Ox is one of the strongest of all Oxen types. She is ethical, quiet, driven by purpose, honest, kind-hearted, and a lover of arts, and artistic expression. She is not showy, nor driven because of money, she is a no-nonsense lady, and does not like quick schemes, or things that are unruly. However, this year, the Ox finds herself at times needing to go against the status quo, needing to shake up things, this started with the Rat, but in the reign of the Ox, it is not the virus that will most probably take center stage, but rather groups of people, and ideologies. 



Most of us, like the Ox, do not like change but this is what all of us have to adapt to; change. Also, we need to be quite mindful of communication and be sure to communicate, and not lose our tempers. Relationships may feel this strain at times but it is important to not build walls but break barriers. In terms of the world, the Ox will try its best to first resolve things diplomatically, and create peaceful measures, but if not successful, then she will use more force. 


This transformative year holds much promise for each of us. The Ox and Sheep will feel the energy of change and transformation strongly. Be sure you give yourself downtime in this big year. The Monkey and Rooster are appointed as leaders by the Ox! The Tiger and Snake become a star! The Dog finds adventure, and the Horse finds its stride again.

The Dragon focuses and finds inner breakthrough. The Boar travels and explores, and the Rabbit reflects and studies. 


For each animal sign, I have put a few keywords


Rat: Be courageous, enjoy, prosper! You can create big tides.

Ox: Your year to Shine! Be creative! This year is pivotal and transformative. Patience. 

Tiger: Patience. Guide others. You will have recognition and create progress. 

Rabbit: Reflect, study, plan for the future.

Dragon: Focus, be mindful, interesting turns.

Snake: You are a star! Progress and breakthrough! Interesting year.

Horse: Seek a mentor, find a higher purpose, take care of yourself. A much better year!

Sheep: Embrace Change, Your life will shift this year! Be patient, take time outs. 

Monkey: You are a force this year! Awaken to you! Lead. Release ego, Big year!

Rooster: Climb the ladder! You are leading! Everything is possible! Don't argue. Big one!

Dog: Enjoy life, nurture, create beautiful memories. Adventurous year!

Boar: Travel, create movement, allow daily space.

Anchor yourself, focus, and don't create long to-do lists. Prioritize. Be mindful of your diet, your stomach, and allergies, sinus problems, or upper respiratory issues. Eat in small increments, and take naps to rejuvenate. 

Take walks in nature, exercise, and allow downtime through the active periods, especially in March, April, end of May, July, end of August, and September.


We have walked into a new year...

one of transformation and change. 

Let's trust the walk and the journey!


Happy 2021 and the Reign of the Metal Ox!

Tools & Tips for 2021

Stones for 2021

Red and Jade Stone: protection stone for 2021

Citrine: to raise chi in body

Malachite: to strengthen and align.

Girasol: to raise spirits.

Onyx: to bring in focus

Amethyst: To open up communications

Obsidian/Citrine: To raise the "chi"



Outdoor exercise in nature is best in 2021.

Yoga and dance to bring forth healing and a great release outlet

All forms of exercise are recommended as the body needs to constantly create a release and recharge.

To create balance, yoga and tai chi can further support you.


Food and Nutrition

Eat light, lots of greens.

Small increments of food.

Watch intake of salt, also drink lots of water.

Saline Wash for sinus' as sinus passages are sensitive this year.

Ginger for digestion as the digestive tract is sensitive.

Cranberry supplements and water for kidney health.

Turmeric and garlic for joint health.

Mental/Emotional Support

Vitamin B supplements to manage stress

Lavender Oils to restore calm

Rescue Remedy or CBD for anxiety

Chamomile or Bedtime Sleep by Traditional Tea Times

Aromatherapy to create space of calm

Ocean waves or Reiki Vibrations on youtube


Therapy and Anger Management

Anger and Cooling the Flames by Thich Nhat Hanh

For More Information


Prayer and Reflection

Miraculous Silence by Mitra Rahbar

For More Information


Meditations and Breath Work

Meditate daily, if possible twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

Practice "Breath of Fire" each week or every two weeks to release pent up energies.

Breath of Fire Video

To release pent up frustration/anger:

Warrior pose Video

Do candle or object meditations to strengthen focus