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Newsletters 2024


May 2024

May 2024: The Soul...The Choice

Life, choices, and what we crave...those are the themes that seem always to be present. And in this glorious May, this seems to me to be more accentuated.


Have we been listening to the whispers of our soul? Have we been heeding its message?


After all, the soul, always knows what it wants, it knows what doesn't resonate with it, and always nudges us. The soul does not lie. It knows its truth. 


And yet, many of us feed the frenzy of the external world, running from A to B, trying to catch the wind, where the only wind to catch is the inner breeze of awakening and realization. 


We each find excuses of sorts and change the dialogue of our inner realm, because many times what the soul is guiding us to require us to make decisions, to make choices, and these choices require our courage and saying goodbye to certain arrangements, people, etc.


Recently, I was talking to a young woman who believed she was confused. But as I spoke to her more, I realized she was very clear, knew her truth, and knew her voice. What was hard for her, was to change her reality, to say goodbye to the comforts or rather discomforts that she had become comfortable with in her life. This was what she was having a hard time accepting and processing. 


As this year, to me, calls us to have courage, innovation, and step into our authentic selves, I see how many are having this conflict, the conflict between the soul, and the choices they need to make. But, what we may need to take into account, is no matter how comfortable we think we are with our choices, if they are not our truth, we will not feel fulfilled, and a big part of our life will feel that void- of the resonance of truth. 


My recommendation?

Take some time out for you...


Hear the whisper...

Let it guide you...

And know your authentic self, 

your truth, 

your being,

is waiting for you to say, yes, I hear you, and honor you.


This can be the gift of this beautiful Spring, that we can gift ourselves with. 


With Belief and Heart,



The Quiet Joy and The Passions of the Heart

As we look onto the Skies, no matter where in this world we are, we see the vastness, the clouds inviting us to dream, and the glorious Sun tantalizing our senses.


It is almost Spring in parts of the world, and in other parts, it is Autumn, two magical seasons where Nature mesmerizes us with her colors and magnificent beauty. It is almost the Solstice, and Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebrated by many countries. This is a link if you want to know more about it - It seems that on many levels we are being invited to begin anew, to discover our dreams, our hopes, and our way into this amazing terrain that we call life.


March sits quietly, and in its last ten days, creates an inner stir, as the Full Moon is an Eclipse, a powerful passage, beckoning us to reflect on our relationships, and supporting us to close the pages on certain chapters, releasing that which no longer serves us. The moon gently guides us to this, awakening us to the deeper messages and intuitions of our soul, as April will boldly awaken us, calling us to take action, and firing us up with passion, and inspiration.


We get our guidance from Nature, and this is a gift we have been given so graciously.


So as the external world is making much noise, in March let us find our stillness, our quiet. Let us walk through it, not run through it, let us embrace the moments, not wish them away for a better day. For in truth, today, this moment can be that better day, if we sit in our space of gratitude and reverence of all that is before us - a beautiful tapestry of color tantalizing all our senses.


And in April, let us take our steps with purpose, not impulse, allowing our deeper desires and beliefs to help us pave the way to begin, the beginning stages of what we wish to manifest. 


No matter, what may transpire within you, no matter if it feels uncertain, or uneasy, let it waves they will find their way and their flow. Life is this ebb and flow, and March and April do this dance...a graceful ballet followed by the powerful pulse of flamenco. 


So my dear ones, may the rains purify our world...

May the Moon guide our way on...

And may the glorious Sun ignite in us that wonder, and joy, that is our essence.


With Inspiration and Belief,


February 2024

Insight into 2024 - Year of the Dragon

Blessed be our world, and blessed be our steps as we walk into the powerful year of the Wood Dragon and the 8 Universal Year. May our world truly embrace humanity this year and experience a much more peaceful walk. 


February 10th marks the beginning of the Dragon period -

A year of transformation, courage, determination, and change.

This is the year of "The Rise of the Phoenix", and no longer will there be hesitancy and pause as most will want to spring into action immediately. This need for action will create much impulse and frenzy.


The huge planetary shifts of the Dragon year will bring big changes to our world stage and our individual lives, as the Dragon does not know how to do small and all things may at times feel bigger than life. 


The Dragon is the only animal sign in Chinese Astrology based on mythology. And for those of you, like myself, who were mesmerized by the series Merlin, it has always appeared in stories and tales as creatures with great powers of creating or destroying. In the West, we do not know that in Chinese mythology, Dragons belong to the Heavenly Realms, and are quite magical, with beneficent qualities. They take their home in the clouds and the waters. They are quite magical, with a faith and courage that seems innate, creating blessings and rains. 

What does this really mean when we assess the energies of 2024?


As a guide of over 40 years, I know everything is energy- hair is energy, smiles are energy, and money is energy...all have an energetic essence. And this year the energy is about freedom and liberation - the Rise of the Phoenix. You may have each felt this, a need for big change, or felt more decisive, or bold. The energy can be fiery creating impulsiveness or feeling overwhelmed at times, but this can be balanced with taking deep breaths, pausing, not running but walking. For yes, we want to embrace the opportunities and growth and change, but at the same time, we want to enjoy the ride, taking in all the hills and valleys, and the path itself. And we want to be sure if taking huge leaps, our footing is strong. 


For our world, I pray that this powerful energy will not falsely feed egos and greed, but rather will be the birth of something much more beautiful and far-reaching-peace. It is really up to each of us, how we walk our journey and how we choose to experience it. And I truly hope that we can reside in our truth, hear the whispers of our soul, and in this big energetic year, we take the time, to meditate, pray, and embrace all the magical wonders of being.


Blessed be it all,


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