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November 2023 - Exploration & Learning


As we sit in the beautiful and magical Autumn foliage and bask in the wonder of this season of change, and harvest, we can feel the deepest of gratitude, for all... for all we have and do not, for all we have walked through, sat through, cried through, laughed through, and for all we have learned. The beauty of life and all of its lessons is so revealed to us, in the array of colors of this season. 


November can present an intensity at times, and at other times reveal a need to learn and explore, but at the heart of it, it is a call to humanity and for gratitude.

The gratitude of being part of something so powerful, so healing - a global family and tribe. Having been in isolation for the last years, now is the time to step up and out, see beyond our four walls, our own lives, and explore what lies beyond.


In the month of November, in the USA, Thanksgiving is celebrated. I know many will be spending time with their friends and family. And this year, even more so, we can see our world is in such need of kindness and of giving to others.


In recent weeks, on a rainy day, I was taking a box of clothes to a nearby shelter. It was a cold day. I saw a very long line of elderly and disabled persons waiting to get oranges. The staff was working very hard with all of their hearts to help the people in the line. I saw and felt such kindness, and yet, my heart broke a bit, seeing those who could barely walk stand in the cold and rain for oranges. We cannot ignore each other. We cannot ignore the homeless, or the elderly. The elderly are pillars, and treasures of our society. We need to see them. We cannot remain in our own bubbles for they will eventually pop, and then we will see the true state of the world, its needs, and how we can contribute. 


 A call to humanity is heard loud and clear this month. Let us extend our hearts to those who have no family and who sit alone. To reach out to those who are not visible to us and to those whose voices are more silent. More than money, they need love and kindness, which fuels the human spirit for both the giver and receiver. And in exploring our own vastness of kindness, we will find our own purpose and meaning. Is there any greater joy?


Yes, our world is in turmoil, yes, there is so much devastating news each day, so many lives being destroyed through the barrage of guns and war. It is difficult for our souls to digest the heartache and devastation however, there is every day much beauty. There is nature, there is goodness, and there is love, and kindness.


And it is in this month, where there are so many shifts in our world and the celestial skies that we will be called to exploration and learning. Many will make decisions, and many will want to change major components of their life.


May we each always live our truth.

May we never lose sight of all our blessings, and bask in this glory and joy of the now...and may we, as the leaves, allow always the winds to guide our way. 


May it be so...And may each of your steps be graced with this joy, and reverence. 

October 2023: The Rise of the Phoenix

I have been looking so forward to writing this NL for October. Through the hazy year that 2023 has been for many, we have arrived at October - the month of openings, more clarity, and direction.

Still, we are in the Year of Pilgrimage till end of the year, and so, although there is much more clarity, we still will allow all to unfold organically. However, October wakes us up from the long Summer sleep, and the fog starts to clear.

The Celestial Skies point to new directions for most. Relocating, changes in career, or relationships, traveling, starting something new, etc., are all possible for most. It is about endings and beginnings, all that is needed for our soul's journey. However, some of these opportunities and changes will come out of the blue, and we have to know that if we do not want them and pause a lot, they will possibly dissipate.

I have been very much of this thought recently - we each have everything, we just need to claim it. We have so much love all around us, love of the Earth, nature, animals, etc.. We have so much joy and goodness around us, the joy of being, the joy of gratitude, and the goodness of so many and so much. You see, the Universe has given each of us these blessings. But, we have to claim them. If we don't it may feel like we do not have them, but in truth, it is here, in front of our eyes.

So the question is - Are you ready to claim it?

Are you ready to claim happiness, growth, forgiveness, peace, and joy?

This month, we understand the power of the Cosmos, we see the signs clearly, and we see our own steps on the sand and in the greater scheme of things.

The question is how do we wish to take our steps from this point forward?

Are you, are we each the same person we were a year ago? Do we want the same things, or has there been a reshuffle? Do the old dreams seem outdated, and have we been awakened to a new calling, a new dream?

The year of pilgrimage, has created shifts within us, and still these shifts continue, but here in October, there is more clarity, and more decisiveness.

We have grown, learned, and created much inner change this year, and the winds have guided our flight. And now the winds are pointing to our sail. How we choose to sail, is up to us.

This month births many decisions and actions, and this will continue into November's first ten days strongly.

So, the question on the table is, are we truly ready to claim forgiveness, love, peace, and joy?

I believe we are.

I believe each of us can see the colors this month, and find our courage to pursue the dreams we have.

In the heart of Fall is our rise.

We get up...

We stand taking it all in, all the beauty, all the grace, All there is.

We open our wings and take a big leap of faith.

As we fly, we will see the endless possibilities that we may not have ever dreamed of. We see the colors, and we once again will experience how magical this life can be. Be mindful of how you wish to proceed, and hear the whispers, and see the breeze and the directions in which they guide you.

Step in...

and soar high...

September - Pilgrimage and Awakening

You know when you are climbing a hill and you think you know when you get to the top of the hill, you can imagine what is on the other side? You believe that it will be rather similar to the terrain you are standing on, the one before you. But, in truth, it can be very different, nothing like what you thought or imagined.


September is such. 

I have spoken about this September for awhile, the month of pilgrimage, the pinnacle of the journey, the month that calls to re-evaluate, retreat, rejuvenate, and truly just "be" and allow. I have also really encouraged the exploration, the adventure of being. 


Many, over the Summer, emailed me that they felt lost or uncertain. And I said that was actually such a blessing, for it is when we are uncertain or lost, that we can allow the haze to uncover the journey, that is when we can dive deeper, and see the magical coral, and that is when we can unlock the treasures within, far beyond our wildest of imaginations.


The magic of life, is the unknown. And if you feel hazy, or lost, than know, that something within you is yearning for a further leap into the mysteries of your being and life.


Imagine when you were younger, a young girl or boy, if anyone told you that you would move to a certain city, or do a specific job, you would not have believed them, you could not even imagine it. Whether it is the good or not so good, life is in the magical unfolding which we cannot imagine until it is before us.


Now, in this September I invite you to this- the allowance of being. Sit in this space. Draw upon the sands, swim in the waters, journal, and connect to the stars and moon. Dance with the beats that call your name. Just be. Do not think of the goal, the next thing. Take "this" moment in.


Yes, I have talked about pilgrimage the entire year. But, pilgrimage is not necessary on an outward journey. Pilgrimage is going from one point and journeying to other points. This is more than anything, an inward path. Pilgrimage though does require our dedication, our commitment to it, to ourself. 


So, for this month as you take your steps see where they will take you. Enjoy each step, each terrain, each destination. And on the way, you may feel awakened to new thoughts or emotions-treasures for your soul.

And once we enter October, we will be at a very different placement. But, for now, there is no rush...for it is about this moment, and the gratitude, joy and higher connections, that will be a gift upon our soul.


Walk in this ..and you will bask in the glory of it all.


Summer 2023: Exploration & Allowance

I have in recent weeks heard from many of you and know that many are feeling unclear or lost. I have broken down the Summer months, as a guide for you, hoping it will support your journey in the next few months.

September is the pinnacle of this year and is the month that I feel will need much patience and room to breathe. I will be covering this in a later newsletter.

This Summer is about exploration, allowance, and being anchored amidst the frenzy or lack of direction that still will prevail till October.

Enjoy the Summer months, play, travel, think out of the box, be creative, and spend time each day in silence. Sit in silence for 30 minutes or more, to hear the whispers, the melodies that are singing within you. You may be surprised as to how the tunes are changing within you.

Be open to the magic of being...there are many colors to explore!

June: June promises to be a month of activity, centering, and travel. As the month commences, we have completely come out of the high-intensity periods of April and early May, and now in June, we will make plans. We will be physically more active, travel more, and feel more centered. We need to take stalk of the journey we have had in the first several months of the year. We need to observe and see how we would like to proceed in the second half, and although it is almost Summer, it is important to make a list this June, to see what is needed for us to do, and to then follow through. Of course, keeping in mind at all times, that the winds are still prevalent, and the sail is constantly changing direction.

In our minds, we all think of Summer as the months of leisure, rest, fun, travel, etc., but in truth, the year of pilgrimage continues its trend for each of us, and we are and will be constantly reminded of the bigger questions welling within us - the where, what, why and how's will still be there, in the back of our minds. And yes, it is almost Summer, but we continue to give ourselves time to be in stillness daily, and if we can, to implement once a week a few hours of silence. This will greatly support us for the months to come.

As for June...walk onto the Earth, raise your arms to the Sky Gods, and say out loud, I am here..surrendering to the Wisdom Ways!


July: This is a month when we don't know if we are coming or going! The activity of this month is high, the visibility, a bit low. This is the month when we really want to be creative and think out of the box. It is time for us to let our hair down, run through the fields with bare feet, and feel the winds. July, this year, has two major components; the frenzy, and the need to find peace. Both of these will pull us in different directions. It is important this month to not lose our connection with Source, and our Higher wisdom, as distractions are high. It is also important to not allow impulse to take over us, and know that soon the tides will be clear, but not yet. I love this Summer for learning, for exploring. It will be wonderful to break free of certain traditions that limit us, and truly allow our soul to feel more liberated from the bondages of have-to's and now reside more in a new perspective, to be more adventurous, more connected, more explorative. This will only serve us, will only help bring us more clarity.

So for this Summer, do something that moves you, that gives you butterflies, that stirs you. Even if what you are thinking is so "out there", don't judge it, remember, this is your moment, to fly, to believe in the magic of life and the magic of you.

Enjoy and allow...

August: August is like a two-story house. One story has nothing to do with the other story. The first half of August is filled with family, friends, and responsibilities. After all, many take time off and spend it with their loved ones. But, in the depth of this month something else is going on...something so deep, that for a moment it takes our breath away.

Earlier this year I had said this year is not about swimming in shallow waters. You see when we do, we do not see the bottom of the Sea, we do not see the wondrous colors and life that lives in the bottom of the waters. In the latter part of August, we may want to go deeper, into the depths of our being. We may feel pulled in different directions, our minds and heart may not be in sync, and we may feel at a crossroads. This is very important to feel and go through. It is important to not brush things under the carpet. For after many months of zig-zagging, being in the fog, now we feel we need to really pause. We need to find a safe harbor and sit there. We need to allow the tides to wash away all residue to the shore, and then draw on our wisdom, and our patience.

The second half of August is not about action as much as about allowance. It is like a card game, we are reaching the pinnacle, the moment of knowing how the cards will play out, but once again we may be surprised for that is the nature of this year...the direction keeps shifting. For August I strongly recommend deepening your practice, find your teachers, your mentors. Write, be creative, but be sure you are not overly distracted. Much is brewing inside and outside, but we need to let it brew. And by end of the month, we need to take a little time to catch our breath, to rest, to rejuvenate, to get a wonderful massage, or reflexology session, or simply spend time in nature.

Connect to Source, strengthen your faith, practice it more, be more aware...

You have journeyed through many hills and valleys this year, and soon, you will see over the hill more clearly but for now, the fog is strong…enjoy being lost…for when we are, that is when we find magic, and chests full of colorful gems and treasures. Don't search for answers...don't search for resolutions... for those may also limit you, but rather, let the tides roll in, get your feet wet, and then dive in.

You know what you will see?!

A world full of wonder, beyond your wildest imagination.


With Heart and Belief,

May 2023

The Changeable Dance

Oh gosh! Where does time go? Here we are in May...and guess what? It's time for dancing...let me explain.


We are in the Spring Dances for sure in May. The winds constantly change directions, the messages are unclear, and we are in a rush to jump ahead, but that is when and where we have to exercise patience. I know, I know, no one likes to hear this word in the heart of Spring, but soon the haze will clear a bit, but for full clarity, we need to wait till October, it just really cannot fully happen before then. 


Why, you ask?

Everything in life has energy, the trees, winds, rivers, etc. And right now, the energy is filled with wind, meaning, it is unpredictable, shifting, and fast, and also blurry.


Things are moving and changing but not with strong direction yet. As an intuit, I live with energy, it guides me, and after fifty years of being awakened to this gift of seeing and feeling energy, I trust it. The winds are constantly shifting, raising dust, and blurring our eyes and the wind does not settle yet, it takes time. 


But, now let's dive deeper into May. I love the creativity and ideas May can bring forth, a great time to dance, sing, play, and have fun. A wonderful time to connect with the child within us that is so full of wonder and hope.

And you see, this is what I love about May! Despite the winds that blur our vision, this May is about hope, dreams, and daydreaming. And truly the magical thing about dreaming is that it does not have to necessarily happen, but oooh, it is so delicious to just imagine the possibilities!


I have a "Mitraism" that I have been saying for many years, and I feel this year in May it is so appropriate.

"From ashes we rise,

To ashes we fall,

and in between, we learn to dance"


And this May we learn to dance again, barefoot, feeling the pulse of the Earth, hearing the echoes of the mountains, and the melodic songs of the river. At times our dance will be full of turns, and sometimes it will be a long legato note, slow and graceful, followed by a rapid beat, full of passion. But, such is the nature of dance, it is about a flight, a soaring, a liberation, to be lost in the Divine, and the Great Universe...the grace of it all. 


And you know what? We are all dancers.. all beams of light turning, whirling, jumping, and flirting with the energies of life.


So, enjoy the turns, enjoy the winds, and remember, don't run through the moments of time...

take deep breaths...enjoy it...and let your dance guide your way the winds. 

April 2023

The Rains

It is April, and Spring is here in full blast, and as I feel and see it, the winds are blowing strong, the rain showers are blessing us, and the stars are directing and guiding us as much feels different and is shifting.


On a recent call a friend expressed how this Persian New Year was so different, then she said, everything is different, the world is different, everything has changed.


I have been hearing these words in the last weeks and months a lot. Travel is different, the money value is different, friendships have changed, trust in leaders and governments has changed, and we...have we really changed? Have our yearnings and dreams changed? Have our emotions changed? Hmm...not sure.


And now, in April, we are all very aware of time, of events, of our world, and of our lives.


"Time does not stand still", is a saying we have heard and said millions of times, and yet, anyone who has experienced the higher states of meditation, prayer, or higher connection, knows that the concept of time itself, is rather unreal.


As April moves at a fast and powerful pace, it seems as if it has found its own agenda, and that occurrences and events have found their own voice, some out of the blue, some surprising, and sometimes limited.


How to navigate this?

Draw from the wisdom you have gained in the last few years, it is right there within you. 


The years of turbulence, unpredictability, and challenge have gifted us with two immeasurable blessings - the gift of vulnerability, and the other, the gift of strength. Our vulnerability has allowed us to see our human fragility, our nakedness, as we have been ripped of so much on all levels. And what has remained has been our heart, its purity, its belief, its vulnerability. And the blessing of our strength has come through this vulnerability, for we showed up, each day, becoming more whole, despite the chaos. They fed one another, shoulder to shoulder they walked together, and today we embrace both - the vulnerability and the strength.


The April showers this year purify and refresh us, and the sudden turns in this provocative month, make us realize the essence of time and timing. The stars are confusing, so how do we find our steps? How do we proceed? By believing, in not what we see with the naked eye, but what we feel, and sense, with our heart's eye, and trusting this.


 April has a strong planetary line-up. The stars are guiding us to change, some unexpected and some confusing, but, there is movement, and we will each then find our footing better in June after the tides settle down a bit. 


As I said early this year, this is the year of pilgrimage, journeying from one point to the other, but it is what happens internally in this pilgrimage that is so vital to our being, and steps. So allow yourself to be moved and move out of your comfort zones. Allow yourself to become fully raw and then inspired by all you feel. Be forgiving, be kind, be gracious, and always be patient, for it takes time...time to build the inner sanctuary, and time to find our clarity.

Walk through it is not time to run...but walk...


For now, I leave you with this:


As the rains kiss the Earth

As the flowers bloom

and as the Sun rises

Breathe it all in...

Raise your arms up,

and shout it out through the valleys and hills

I am here!

With the pulse of it all!

I am the dance

the song

the breeze

I am one with all there is

Blessed be your journey.

March 2023

The March


I found it quite interesting that the month of March was named after the Roman God, Mars, the warrior God, "marching" us into action. What I also find rather interesting, is that this March, in 2023, is quite powerful, as not only is it the birth of Spring, the Equinox, the Persian New Year of Norooz, but also, it is astrologically the month of the Rabbit, where so much shifts, and we can really start feeling we are ready, to march into our lives, especially near month's end.

This is the birth of a miraculous season where nature puts on her colorful cloak, and paints a rainbow of colors, in the fields. The birds sing with a special brilliance, and the breeze ushers in the scent of renewal, the promise of new ideas, hopes, and wishes. And our hearts beat with a stronger pulse, as we secretly hope and so want to believe that all is possible.

Who does not love Spring? Who does not love the drops of rain gracing the green fields and the purple and pink and yellow flowers delighting our senses? It is not possible to be indifferent to Spring.

Spring is magical, and there is no denying this, and as the first three weeks of Spring are about tying up loose ends, the final week is about the march, the strong stride.

And my dear ones, it is also not possible, to be indifferent to our inner wishes. Each one of us, in our hearts, always wants to believe, that the magic of life will find its way into our hearts, and that we can find joy, laughter, hope, and inspiration. But you see, Spring is also a feeling as I see it. It's the belief that beginnings and fresh starts, that hope and magic and all that delicious food for our soul, is within us, and within our grasp. Spring is not a season only, it is a feeling, a belief that magic, that love and joy, and renewal are within us. It is a time to birth them and let them color our life.

I know life is not easy, and I know as many of you have recently pointed out to me, our world is so struggling. The earthquakes that devastated Turkey and Syria, the situation in Ukraine and Russia, Iran and Afghanistan, the violence that each day speaks through our streets, and, and .... Yes, our world has so much weariness, and there is so much that needs to heal, and so much that needs to be there is light, there is darkness, as there is courage, there is fear, as there is faith there is hopelessness. And it is easy to see the bad, and easy to dismiss the good, for somehow as humans we forget the good faster, and hang on to the bad longer. But truth is, there is so much more good.

Think of this, how many thousands and thousands of organizations there are that each day does so many wonderful things for our world? How many amazing teachers, social workers, and medical personnel each day work hard to serve humanity?

And what about the Universe? How many stars each night find their way in the sky to light our way, and how amazing is it that we have the Moon and Sun, shining their light on us? And the ocean, and the trees, and the animals... I can go on and blessed are we, that we are experiencing all of this, in one life, and sometimes in one breath? It is a miracle, it really is.

So, this March, as you are thinking of how to march into your life, be very observant of each breath and the miracle that it gifts you with hundreds of times each day...the gift of seeing, feeling, sensing, smelling, and embracing the beauties around you, and the feelings that they produce within you...this is no small gift.

Pablo Neruda says beautifully, "You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming."

And yes, there can be so much wrong with our world, but this does not stop the magic, of being, the magic of Spring.

So let us embrace this, let us open our arms, and tilt our heads to the Skies and say:

"O Great Universe!

Let me become one with Spring

Let me be the rain, the sun, the blooming flowers

May my soul rejoice in this glory, as my spirit finds renewal

I am Spring itself!

I am the birth of much within me, I am the magic

I am the creation, and the creator of so much."

Blessed be your march...

Blessed be the rains that purify and renew.

Blessed be the glorious Sun that births hope each day and the enticing Moon that illuminates our way.

And blessed be your hearts...radiant as the glorious Sun.

Shine forth...

And let each march spring a new hope within your heart.

February 2023

Tools & Tips for 2023

Utilizing the tools below will support balance, focus, and inner harmony


As 2023 is a tricky year to navigate due to the constant shifts, the tools and tips below will support you in planning and moving forward this year.

Colors: This year's favored colors are blue, pink, purple, and red.

Red String Bracelet: This year's Red string bracelet can be quite beneficial. As this color will ward off lethargy and negative energies. Please check the Buddhist Monasteries near you to see if you can purchase it from there


Physical Activities Favored: 






Qi Qong

Tai Chi


Not Favored: Risky Sports such as bungee jumping, etc


The themes this year are allowance, surrender, and self-love.

Create your own mantra, ie., " I allow myself to be lost- I know this will lead my home" OR

" I surrender to the Universal Higher Wisdom- In this I trust"

" I am created from Love- and therefore love itself"


Health Emphasis:







Malachite/Onyx: For stamina, and not allowing outside energies to overwhelm you. Do not use the Malachite at night as it can have an energizing effect.

Girasol: For depression or anxiety

Lapis: For those who may feel lost or confused, can aid in bringing clarity and higher wisdom

Jade: This protective stone will help ground you 


Rumi and Friends by Hamid Zavosh

Celestine Prophecy


Books on poetry, spirituality, religion, psychology 


Sadh Guru: I am not the body, I am not even of the mind: Youtube. 

As this year the energy of the body is more vulnerable this meditation/mantra will greatly support you to be able to detach from the physical and delve more into the spiritual

Sadh Guru: Brahmananda Swaroopa Chant


Youtube Channels: 

Shi Heng Yi- Buddhist Monk, wonderful wisdom and qi gong and other tips

Plum Village App: Teachings of Nhat Thich Hanh- Buddhist Master

Armand Amar Rumi Music

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- Sufi Music

Kundalini Kriya Fists of Anger- there are many good ones on youtube. This will help release pent-up anger and other negative feelings



Breath of Fire ( watch youtube)

Warrior Fists( youtube) helps let go of anger, pent-up energies

Breathing Work ( youtube)

Morning Gratitude and Connection( I will post on this)

Daily Gratitude, Nightly Gratitude: Helps anchor you





Eating too much, junk food





Water destinations

Artistic Events

Sacred/Mystical Cities

Travel for Studies

Food and Diets:

Vegetarian diets

Greens and Fruits

Reduce dairy for inflammation is stronger this year

Increase turmeric, garlic, etc for joint health

Fennel/peppermints for digestive health


** As discipline wavers quite a bit this year, because of the many constant distractions, be sure you do not overwhelm yourself with taking on too much. It is very important in this year of "pilgrimage", to be mindful of your well-being, to keep daily an easier schedule, and to take constant breaks daily. 


*** Be careful of being too impulsive. Sit with your decisions, research them, then move forward. 

January 2023

Year of the Water Rabbit Breakdown


The Year of the Water Rabbit, with its heightened sensitivity and frenzy, is hopping fast into February.

Now, let me break this year down, so we can all have a better idea of what it is all about, and what to expect.


After the last powerful three years, this is the transitional year, the in-between year of rest, retreat, and rejuvenation, before we enter the powerful years of the Dragon and then Snake in 2024 & 25. This year is about the pilgrimage of the soul, healing, exploration, and learning.


The Rabbit cares most about security, always on alert. However, it hops from one direction to the other without notice. We need to watch distractions, and being pulled in ten directions at once. The Rabbit hops before it thinks, so we all have to curb our impulses this year, and be sure of the steps we take. Distracting energies make this year hard to achieve our goals. Best to choose, prioritize and have a to-do list, each day, so we are sure we are making progress. Also, when things are presented best to take time to research them and sit with them, before jumping into them. 


A lover of classical arts, beauty, and nature, the arts are favored this year, especially literary projects, arts and design, and harmonious sounds. The year lends itself to this all year, as the Rabbit is highly sensitive and prefers surroundings that do not overwhelm her and are beautiful. 

This year is not about material achievements as much as spiritual awakenings, healing, and learning. Although the Rabbit loves to enjoy the finer things of life, the 7 Universal year is about "being", and higher connections. Traveling and expanding our minds to new material will be part of the exploration and learning of this year. Places of spiritual/mystical significance, historical, water areas, or artistic events, are more of interest.

At the heart of it, this gentle being is so blessed with good luck, and this year many will share this with her. Rabbits are known to be the luckiest of all 12 animal signs. They are docile beings that hide an interior of great fortitude. They survive the hardships of life and are able to move on with their spirits intact.


The Rabbit is non-confrontational and highly diplomatic, always opting for peace. I pray that this will bring more peace-filled resolutions to our world.


Health-wise, the Rabbit has a sensitive disposition. So, the nervous system, digestion, pancreas, and liver are highlighted. We need to watch anxiety and stress levels, as the Rabbit gets overwhelmed easily. 

Loving to retreat, the Rabbit requires more rest and relaxation. It likes to work at a leisurely pace, and it would rather enjoy life than just work all day. 


A year of learning, classes, academia, and languages would be more favored this year. Also, in terms of physical activities, the Rabbit years are not conducive to high-risk sports, and the Rabbit year would support these forms of activity: dance, swim, yoga, camp, walk, and meditate. 


The Rabbit energy is social, and yet always will need a bit of alone time to recharge its batteries. All in all, we each can learn so much from the Rabbit. We can learn adaptability, detachment, eloquence, and learn to enjoy our life more. 


To best see how you fare in a year, your year animal, month, hour, and day have to be looked at. Also, then there is the number sign for this year for you.


You can get your chart at: Click Here. Also, you can purchase my very detailed recording of this year. I cover all animal signs, and it will guide and support you. The information is at the bottom of this Newsletter.


I have put a few words for each animal sign below. Please note, if your animal sign is in challenge with the year that means that you will have lots of unpredictable changes. Change is not a bad thing, and so necessary for our growth, so embrace and allow it. 


The Ox, Tiger, Boar, and Rooster need to be patient as they may face challenges or lack of support. The Dog, Rabbit, and Rat need to utilize so many good stars and blessings. These two groups are emphasized as either having more luck or unlucky aspects. 

But, please remember, we have four animals in our charts and four elements. Each is significant. 

Take it all in with a grain of salt and enjoy!


Rat: Time to Shine! Opportunities and Blessings

Ox: Master a Skill, Pursue metaphysical studies, Support lacking

Tiger: Retreat and rest. Don't be too ambitious. Mindfulness

Rabbit: Go for the Gold! Stellar year! All eyes are on you!

Dragon: Serve others. Be selfless. Will be blessed as you serve

Snake: Very busy! Travel, seek Guru

Horse: Blessing year! Be Happy! Get out of your head!

Sheep: Career is the focus. Rise! Growth

Monkey: Spiritual Year, Travel with purpose

Rooster: Opposition Year, Trust, and Surrender

Dog: You are the Emperor! Go for the Stars!

Boar: Patience, Watch Temper, Focus on joy


May your Rabbit Year be blessed with good health, peace, and joy, and may each step be guided. 

Enjoy, embrace, and allow.

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