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About Mitra

Master Intuitive, Award-Winning Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Teacher, and Artist, Mitra has spent the last three decades of her life bringing forth awareness, guidance, and education to thousands across the globe. Born in Iran from a lineage of poets, and her grandfather's Sufi discipline, Mitra has built her life on the pillars of spiritual enlightenment, creative artistry, and service. Mitra is the author of the Independent Publishers award-winning book, Miraculous Silence, published by Penguin/Random House. Her book has been endorsed and narrated by Michael Beckwith, Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Gisele Bundchen, Billy Dee Williams, Diane Lane, Courtney Cox, Jackson Galaxy, and Kristin Hahn.

Mitra is an advocate for many causes, sharing her wisdom and insight with audiences of the United Nations, CBS Radio, Larry King, The Awake Show with Michael Beckwith, Maria Menounos, a keynote speaker at the Women's Leadership Conference at UCLA, a contributor on Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper, and much more, touching hearts worldwide with her spiritual teachings, music, and meditations.

Mitra has sung on award-winning films such as Spartacus, The Olive Harvest,

sang and performed "Peace by Upon Us", with Sheryl Crow on CBS for the Home for the Holidays show, and solo and compilation albums, and her album, Persian Treasures, a collection of Persian Folk Songs, and her sacred chants are powerful signatures in her portfolio as an artist. 

In 2017 Mitra created a program called Servants of Love, to bring forth teachings on a life of service, and spiritual enlightenment to others. In 2020 Mitra founded "Auntie Mitra and the Kids", and the "Awareness Program" for the youth in orphanages and poverty-stricken areas in Iran, where she is also working to implement her new Wellness Program (Salamaat) in the school systems. 

Since 2019 Mitra has been expanding her philanthropic work in Iran and Afghanistan. Mitra has brought awareness through her fundraisers for impoverished areas in Iran and is currently working with various Afghans and their families to help them transition into refugee status.

Mitra uses music, and the spoken word to create powerful imagery and continues each day to weave pathways that bring forth joy, healing, and awareness through her work globally.

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