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"From ashes we rise, to ashes we fall, and in between we learn to stand."

Listen...there is a knock on the is waiting to enter."

"Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward."

"Don't be too proud of what you have, after all, it is not yours to keep."

"Never fear darkness, for light is within."

"Don't be afraid to walk in your shoes, they are the only ones that fit."

" What you are seeking is not out there, but in here"
" May we live like candles emanating light to the end"
"We are not a flicker of light, but light itself"

"How can we be perfect, we are human after all?"
"Ask not, what will the day bring forth but rather what will I bring forth to this day"

"Death is an illusion for the mind that does not see"

"Courage is easy when fear is not lurking"
"Fear hides the truth"

"The only thing that does not age is the heart"

"Embrace your wrinkles you have earned them"

"The dance between life and death is in the breath"

"Ask yourself do I love?  If your answer is no you are not living"

"God is not just nature but that which created nature"


Sometimes thinking gets in the ways..the heart always knows what the mind will later learn!


Pay attention to your dreams, they are revealing!


Don't mistake another's voice for your own.


If you listen you can hear the whisper of your will always guide you


To love is to honor the gift of the heart.


We are not the shell, but the spirit.


Spirit does not die, and neither does love.


The great men and women in history have one thing in common: courage. 


Courage is not about not having fear, it is about not letting fear stop you.


Prayer is to the heart as breath is to is the portal of awakening us to God and all that is.


The heart is always one step ahead of the mind, not vice versa.


Sometimes we feel lost, at such times, allow it, and know soon you will find your way.


One thing good about the fog is it always clears up!


Rich is the person who lives the moment in gratitude!


Nothing can make us feel happy if we are not at peace


I am old enough to know, 2 plus 2 is not usually 4!


Age does not make us wiser, learning from experience, now that is what makes us wiser.


Never shut your heart to love, if you do, you are denying yourself of a divine gift.


The more I pray the less I need to say....


Sitting with God is the best part of me and my day.


Spirituality is not a fad, it is a way of life.


To give is such a joy, but to receive, is also a divine gift, allow both....


Sometimes a friendship changes although this can be uncomfortable, yet it may be it....


When we lie to someone it is not cool when we lie to ourselves, now that is called denial....


Summer is like dessert for the soul..yummy and delicious!


As the moon webs and flows, we do too...we are very interconnected.


Prayer can be a song, a dance, a chant, the key is to be with God


Words sometimes do not suffice, that is where music, takes over!


What we fear the most, is usually what we have to face, and when we do, we see we are stronger than what we thought


Finding a new friend is such a blessing, so magical, it is like waking up to a rainbow of colors..magical


Old friends are our treasures, and new friends are the new jewels for the treasure chest within our hearts!


An old flame is just that...a flame does not last and burns out..time to move forward....


A small flicker of light brightens the biggest how can the light inside of us, not guide our way?


Have you heard the whisper of your soul? What is it saying?


When you can't see clearly, find silence..there you will emerge once again.


Good night, good day, good bye, have one thing in common....look carefully....God resides in each beginning for thought!


Marriage is a holy relationship between you and another...when u see it that way, then you value it and work for it.


It is better to have one little room filled with joy, than a palace of is not what or who we have that is important, it is HOW we have them, that is!


Love is not always about holding on, but sometimes about letting go.

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