"Miraculous Silence is a very
special book, in a class with 
Khalil Gibran's, The Prophet."
~Billy Dee Williams

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Candlelight Vigil, Meditation and Visualization for Iran

Date: October 6th, Thursday

Time: 5:30 PM-6:00 PT

Please join me on this sacred night to pray for the people of Iran. Let us create a synergy of peace through our meditation and visualizations as we will hold them in the Highest Light. Please bring a candle so we can all light them at the same time.

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To Join by Phone:

1 669 444 9171

Meeting ID: 812 8227 2778

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O Beloved,

May each step I take be anchored in belief and faith

May I rise above the ashes and dance into a stream of awakening

May I connect to All there is, and sing songs of joy and gratitude

May my wings find joyous flight, and my heart sail into the ocean of Your Love

May I not question but allow all that unfolds within me

And know that it is guiding me to a higher plateau of being

In this, I will surrender my fears

I will surrender my expectations

 I will trust the sail

I will trust the pulse of life

With this, I shall remain

The Dance

From Grace we fall

From Grace we stand

And in between the fall and stand

We learn to dance

The dance helps us find our wings

It helps us rise, and helps us sing

It heals the heart and gives us hope

The fall from Grace, we do no more


For when we find that light inside

We hang on to it and only seek this love

We nurture it and keep it safe

It's our sanctuary, our sacred space


The dance continues throughout this life

It's the way, the way to flight

But no more we fall, for we know now

We are born from Light

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