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is a very
special book,
in a class
Khalil Gibran's,
The Prophet."
Dee Williams


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Dance with me so we can be the best of you,

the best of me.

Dance with me so we can

soar to create a world of hate no more.

Dance with me so we can

be free of the divide, of black and white,

and walls that blind. Dance with me so we can

believe in the oneness that we are meant to be.

Give me your hand, trust in my heart,

lets build a rainbow today, let's start.

Listen to what calls to you at this time.

Don’t look for validation..don’t seek approval

Be true to yourself

And you will see, soon after, signs from the Universe

And if you feel lost..allow it

For it is a blessing...

For it will lead you to a new window of thought, a new vision

You are a miracle

And in this if you believe

You will see the brilliance which is you.

And in this, you will embrace your light.

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Mitra Long Hair side view_edited.jpg

Thankful we sit in God's lap

Blessed are we for we have Faith and Belief

Love and Breath of Life

and through this may we overcome

all earthly challenges

and shepherd our world to peace and humanity

May it be so...


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