"Miraculous Silence is a very
special book, in a class with 
Khalil Gibran's, The Prophet."
~Billy Dee Williams


Written & Recorded by Mitra

The We in I 

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The 'We' in the I

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The 'We' in the I

In honor of International Women's Day, I offer you my latest poem, Sister O Sister, dedicated to all my sisters throughout the globe.

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 Larry King Now Episode: Finding Happiness

with Pico Iyer

and Mitra Rahbar

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Healing Music & Meditation

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Affirmations for

Uncertain Times


Mitra Rahbar

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A tribute to my Afghan sisters, I sang over a decade ago, but it still holds true today. For all my sisters, who feel they are voiceless or forgotten.

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A poem from my book, Miraculous Silence, recited by Jennifer Aniston, Diane Lane, Courtney Cox, Kristin Hahn, and myself.

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