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Afghanistan Needs Our Help

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"Miraculous Silence is a very
special book, in a class with 
Khalil Gibran's, The Prophet."
~Billy Dee Williams

My Song for Afghanistan

Sarzamine Maan

I dedicate this to my Afghan brothers and sisters..the world is crying with you, and praying with you. May this story find a different ending.

I offer you Sarzamine Mann ( My Homeland).

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 Larry King Now Episode: Finding Happiness

with Pico Iyer

and Mitra Rahbar

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Healing Music & Meditation

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New Song, My Love, Iran Just Released!

Now that your eyes are open, make the su


Written & Recorded by Mitra

The We in I 

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The 'We' in the I

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The 'We' in the I

Affirmations for

Uncertain Times


Mitra Rahbar

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Writers for Rights Magazine featured my story which is focused on my immigration journey and poetry.

Read My Immigrant Journey and My Poetry Here

Mitra's Article "Old Shoes", was featured in

Maria Shriver's weekly publication,

The Sunday Paper.

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New Series Created by Mitra Rahbar!

The Whispering Wisdom Series is a compilation of short talks that support the soul's journ
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