I am not defined by what I am achieving,

or by whom I know or don't know,

but by whom I am helping, loving, and serving. 

Mitra Rahbar

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Afghanistan Needs Our Help

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Please consider purchasing books and donating them and gifting them to those who have suffered and been greatly challenged this year

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Journey of my "Son" & I

"Miraculous Silence is a very
special book, in a class with 
Khalil Gibran's, The Prophet."
~Billy Dee Williams

Affirmations for Uncertain Times


Mitra Rahbar

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My Song for Afghanistan

Sarzamine Maan

I dedicate this to my Afghan

brothers and sisters..

the world is crying with you,

and praying with you.

May this story find a

different ending.

I offer you Sarzamine Mann

( My Homeland).

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