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is a very
special book,
in a class
Khalil Gibran's,
The Prophet."
Dee Williams


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As the rains kiss the Earth

As the flowers bloom and as the Sun rises

Breathe it all in...Raise your arms up,

and shout it out through the valleys and hills 

I am here!

With the pulse of it all!

I am the dance the song the breeze

I am one with all there is

Blessed be your journey.

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"O Great Universe!

Let me become one with Spring

Let me be the rain, the sun, the blooming flowers

May my soul rejoice in this glory, as my spirit finds renewalI am Spring itself!

I am the birth of much within me, I am the magic

I am the creation, and the creator of so much."

Blessed be your march...

Blessed be the rains that purify and renew.

Blessed be the glorious Sun that births hope each day and the enticing Moon that illuminates our way.

And blessed be your hearts...

radiant as the glorious Sun.

Shine forth...

And let each march spring

a new hope within your heart.


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Monthly Hours of Silence

Once we incorporate this into our lives, we will greatly see the benefits.

Thursday - September 28

Saturday - October 28

Sunday - November 26​

During hours of Silence stay away from all forms of communication, and technology. Sit in stillness, or in nature, or take a walk or garden. Allow the quiet. 

Let us honor our beings for three hours by being in silence away from technology.

Use the three hours to walk, cook, garden, or just be.

Enjoy the three hours with no forms of communication during this period.

Choose whichever part of the day you want.

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