"Miraculous Silence is a very
special book, in a class with 
Khalil Gibran's, The Prophet."
~Billy Dee Williams
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I am not defined by what I am achieving,

or by whom I know or don't know,

but by whom I am helping, loving, and serving. 

Mitra Rahbar

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I bow to You O Great Unseen,

I bow to the gifts You bestow upon me each day.

I give thanks for all You have gifted me with

and all that You have not, for they are all a blessing. 


May we step into kindness and compassion each day..

May we sit with peace and act through it..

May we lend a hand to those in need..

And may we walk lightly upon this Earth.


In the deepest of gratitude, I bow to Your light,

And sit in this reverence as I whisper,

Thank You.


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