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Thankful we sit in God's lap

Blessed are we

for we have faith and belief

Love and breath of life

and through this

may we all overcome earthly challenges

and shepherd our world

to peace and humanity

May it be so...



I am the quiet

I am the passion 

I am the vastness

I am the love

I am

Floral Wreath 7

Countdown to my


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Miraculous Silence

Written by Mitra Rahbar

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Monthly Hours of Silence

As the energies this year are very powerful and can create intensity or overwhelm at times, the Hours of Silence can greatly support you.

If you can do this practice weekly or a few times a month it would be beneficial.


Wednesday, May  22 - 3 Hours of Silence

*These are my suggested dates for the Hours of Silence.

If you cannot do it on that particular date, 

please do it the day before or after. *

During these hours of Silence let us honor our beings for three hours by being in silence away from technology.

Enjoy this time with no forms of communication. 

Sit in stillness, in nature, or take a walk or garden.

Use the three hours to walk, cook, garden, or just be. 

Allow the quiet.

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"Miraculous Silence

is a very special book,

in a class with

Khalil Gibran's,

The Prophet."

~Billy Dee Williams

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