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Weddings: Minister/Officiant:


Each wedding is tailored in a unique style according to the needs of the couple. Weddings can include blessing ceremonies, prayers, poetry, song, various cultural or spiritual themes and language.


Weddings are done in a non-denominational style, or can be done in conjunction with another officiant, if there is a relgious preference.


Pre-wedding consultation  is highly recommended.


Funerals: Minister/Officiant


Each funeral is tailored uniquely to the needs and  of the family. Funerals can include prose, and prayer. 


A meeting or phone consultation before is highly recommended.


Blessing Ceremonies:


Blessing ceremonies are available according to Mitra's availability. Blessings of those in ill health, marriage, pregnancy, house, work area, is given.


Soul Therapy for Individuals/Couples:


Dependent on Mitra's availability, This is no longer than 6 sessions and includes self help techniques through yoga, visulaizaton, meditation. Mitra utilizes her knowledge of spiritual psychology to create new perspectives.

Seminars/Group Workshops:


Mitra conducts seminars on a vast number of subjects. ie., Sacred Space, Inner Truth, Allowance, and Acceptance, etc..




Available for  recordings, special events, spiritual events, weddings, funerals, humanitarian/charity causes events Mitra creates and brings forth her musical talents to best suit the theme of the occasion. 


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