The tides are creating many waves this Summer, my dear ones.

I know what you are this bad? 

No, it is needed and will take us to a new shore, at some point in this very complex layered year.


All year you have heard me speak of this Summer. A Summer where there are certain periods that create an opening, for our answers, our direction, and our transformation. By now, we have all understood that 2020, true to its numerology and promise, is a year of huge tides, and shifts. In this windy sail, we are all trying to find direction, our footing, and breakthrough the barrage of clutter to find the diamond, buried in the debris. 


This Summer brings huge leaps globally, and personally, but leaps require intention, and courage; are we up for these leaps? Yes, and we will see a lot of this, this Summer, internally as well as externally.  But there are a few key points I would like to point out. 


2020 is a very karmically woven year. The old patterns and behaviors and actions of the past come up, the wrongs come up, and this year all that was buried comes to light. It needs to heal and find resolution.  This in itself is powerful, for much needs to breakdown, from institutions to systems, to thought patterns, to how we make movies, our music, our ways of being, to our own blockages, need to be addressed. This is not an easy task, for in a way all are inter-connected and like a dominos effect each fall affects the other and each rise affects the other.


Summer is this, the rise of much, from our personal power to the concept of power, its usage, or misuse. This Summer gives us that window to see through new eyes, our world, our life, and our place in it.


So do you see why this Summer is so important?

Because it is big, transformative, revealing.


2020 has to deliver and will deliver its promise, to break free from limitations. The cycle in the last three or four days of June will be indicative of this, as we break away from the patterns of the last few months, and we start a new chapter in this very interwoven year. The Summer through late September will be a time that allows us to break through the cycle of limitations, with much emphasis on the end of August and end of September as many triggers bring forth change during this time. This may hold much tension, and create stress before the release and resolutions occur. 


So how does one proceed?

With confidence, with faith, with belief.


We proceed with the belief that we have been given a huge opportunity in the second half of this year, especially this Summer. We were given the opportunity to go inward in the first half. We spent time alone, being with family, clearing out much on many levels. Now, the energy shifts to action, as the Rat is gaining momentum. 

The opportunity or keywords for this Summer are two words that usually hold quite different energies, but this Summer they combine forces: Courage, and sensitivity.


The courage propels us into action, and the sensitivity brings us more awareness, higher intuition, and understanding of our desires and the steps we need to take. 


The Summer is about action and it is here that we have to be quite mindful to pause when necessary, to watch our words and temper, and not to be overly impulsive. We need to watch our steps, and not burn bridges unless we feel they no longer serve us. 


Usually, in my Newsletters, I don't go into detail about Astrology. First, I am not a professional astrologer, but rather a person who has lots of knowledge about various astrology channels and an intuitive.  But since I have gotten many emails about my workshop as well as general questions, I thought the information below could serve as a general guideline. Please take it with a grain of salt, but at the same time connect to Nature, to the Universe, feel the energies that are beyond you, and as you do, you will hear the whispers of your soul, guiding you. 


I would now like to mention a few dates, without getting too specific. 

The two Full Moons of the Summer, in July and August, are both quite critical.


July 4th Lunar Eclipse: 

This Lunar Eclipse falls in the month of the Horse, the arch-enemy of the Rat. This is dated July 4th/5th but can be felt from a week prior to a few days after. The Eclipse also falls in the numerological month of heightened sensitivity. The way I see this Lunar Eclipse is that it contains tremendous intensity. Its placement in this complex year gives me a slight hesitation, and here I would say, please tread lightly, please watch your tempers, your words. This Lunar Eclipse affects the US very much, and the government's top representatives. I feel the tensions may arise or there may be surprises. Full Moon eclipses generally bring conclusions or endings. 

I think it would be wise to say lay low. Wait until the tides fade before you leap.


August 4th Full Moon:

This Full Moon, on August 3rd, falls in the month of the Sheep. This Full moon happens in the numerology month of " breakups", meaning the collective energy of people leads to breaking free of something. This powerful Full Moon is not as tense as July, however, it rules the mass energies. I believe there may be things that come to surface in this Full Moon, which could result in truly breaking away from limitations, even if it takes a few weeks.



  July is very heightened in awareness and sensitivity, on the one hand, and yet, it is still ruled by the male Rat that wants to push forward into full action mode. It has power yet sensitivity, and how it is used is important on all levels. For those who want to get away may all be called to be near the water, or be with family, as this month in this year emphasizes roots, home, country, family, and relationships. Be sure to use your meditations to pause as needed. Watch your energy levels to not burn out, or go too fast. There are opportunities for many "Aha" moments this month. 



August is the month that people will want to enjoy life as the Monkey comes in. This is possible at parts of the month but in the last few days of August, there is a huge karmic pattern unfolding. This is about tensions, and "breaking away" from patterns, from limitations. I do feel the period at the end of August affects the government, its officials, and heads of state, or issues that affect our society. 



I feel caution should be exercised in this month.  As

September is the height of this Karmic year the limitations may feel a bit claustrophobic, yet the first two weeks of September can bring lots of guidance and blessings from the Universe.

 Mid-month Mars moves into retrograde, giving us a big pause, that will affect all, especially those in the year of the Rat and Dragon, and those who are Aries or Scorpio or have these signs as their rising. 


Watch anger issues and body energies at this time. You can use a malachite stone to help align you during the day. 

The end of August through the end of September is a stress period where the limitations fight to break free and hold a certain energy surge. What comes to light may bring an end or revelation. This may affect the presidential elections. This is the final big ending energy to the Numerology of this year. What needs to end, needs to end, and may take another two or three months, but after these breakthroughs come liberation. This liberation may initially be chaotic but in the long term, it will be bringing us into a new world order. 


The powerful driving force throughout the Summer is the

Rat, which is now supported by Mars in Aries. This is very huge, most ambitious, and forceful. At its best, it creates progress and great leaps, and at its worse, it brings confrontation and outbursts that can be destructive.


Each year, according to Chinese Astrology and Numerology, the emphasis falls on certain animal signs. This does not mean the rest are forgotten or will not feel a benefit from the celestial configurations.  But everyone gets their glorious moment in different years. This Summer these animal signs need to create leaps and move forward:

Rat, Ox, Sheep, and Dragon are supported and will birth much change and transformation. It is your moment to move forward.  For the Horse, the challenges are strong, and I recommend not to be impulsive and bide your time until mid to late Fall, where you will be in a stronger position.  For the Dog, Tiger, and possibly Pig, I recommend spending time on walks in nature to move around energies, to not get stagnant... And for the rest, I feel they will have progress if they are mindful and remain focused. It is your moment to move forward. This includes those who are Cancer, and Aries especially, and for Capricorn and Sagittarius, and to some degree for Gemini and Libra.


So my dear ones, the windows in July and August provide us to move forward on many levels, of course, being mindful of the COVID 19 guidelines. We are being given a lot of strength this year. We need to stay away from negative thoughts and as soon as they emerge to literally walk them off. 


July will give us the guidance we need, August will give us hope as we confront our insecurities and move into the powerful walk at the end of  August and September.


Joy is found in all the moments, big or small. For as there is life, there is joy.

This is a choice as we become more and more mindful.



Malachite - when energy feels low. Not to use at night.

Lapis Lazuli- For guidance and higher intuition.

Girasol- for joy, and hope




B vitamins


Respiratory Supplements

Turmeric and garlic for joints

Supplements for Bone Health



Risk sports

Travel under the difficult July full moon

and end of August or end of September



Walking Meditation

Object energy to promote focus



Ham- Sa- I am: Connecting us to All

Rama Da Sa Sa Say So Hung: For Healing for yourself and our world

I am of Light



Travel Books






Ancient Tribal Music

Ethnic of Folk

Soothing or Nature Sounds


For the Soul:

Nature Walks, Working in the Garden, Creativity, Soulful connections


I send you each much love and wishes for good health, clarity, and breaking away from thought patterns that do not serve you and our world.


Enjoy this very interesting powerful Summer. Walk in mindfulness, and leap with faith and believe.


I believe...

I believe..

I believe...