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 For Spring, Rebirth & Renewal 


Time to awaken from a long winter night’s sleep,

to open the shades and let the sun pour in,

to smell the fresh fragrance of blossoming flowers.


Time to welcome the spring showers

and dance with the rains,

to renew our promises of the earth,

and to plant new seeds of hope.


It is time…


Time to be in gratitude,

to recognize our blessings,

to revive our spirit.

Time to be present,

to be kind,

to refresh our soul with newfound joy.


It is time…


Time to walk toward our dreams,

to unite hand in hand,

to come together peacefully as one,

to celebrate life,

to dance with the winds of change,


Dear Mother Divine,

may our spirits soar to new heights,

may we fly to new plateaus of awareness,

may our lives be joyous

and our actions reflect love,

and may we walk,


with a peaceful strength.


Now is the time…


In these first days of spring

May we honor our promises to ourselves

turn our heads to the skies in prayer,

and open our arms to the magical possibilities

of this season,

of renewal,

of life.



Is our prayer,

whispered to the wind. 

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