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Here it is! The Iran Tour created & led by Mitra Rahbar 

Uniquely designed to connect us to the rich heritage & culture of the ancient land of Iran & combine the travel in this mystical land with meditation circles to further receive and embrace this beautiful and magical once in a lifetime experience.

The tour originates in the Capitol city of Tehran, then travels to the city that is known as "half of the world", Isfahan, continuing to the land of Hafez and Saadi, poetry and beauty, Shiraz, and to Zoroastrian fire temples and Yazd, and then beautiful Kashan. In between the cities, we will visit the most unique villages of Abyaneh, Naeein, and other towns. We will not only see the ancient mosques and museums and bazaars, but will have the absolute delight to see first-hand carpet weaving, and the Zoorkhaneh (the ancient form of a gym!) and many more amazing sites and activities.  There are many rich experiences and treasures in each corner.

Trip Dates

September 29th-October 12th

13 Nights


  • Double Occupancy: $3,375.00 - Pay Here 

  • Single Occupancy: Additional charge of $350 - Pay Here 

  • For Initial Deposit to ensure your place - $1500 - Pay Here

  • 2 Payment & 3 Payment options available 

    For these options email

  • All fees must be paid by June 5th

Fees include:

  • Accommodations

  • Two meals a day

  • Transportation within Iran

  • All excursion costs.

  • Does NOT include Flight to Iran

  • Does NOT include: Visa or entrance fees 

Once your deposit is made you will receive an email with further information. 

For any questions please email:


Refund policy: 

For a full refund, cancellations must be made by June 30th. 

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