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Help me spread the word of peace that Miraculous Silence can bring.


I hope you will see this book as I do, as a portal of healing for all of our lives and for the world.


Please join this movement to create peace and share the book with your friends, family and community through social media using #MiraculousSilence, and help to be a part of the healing of our world.


My wish is that Miraculous Silence will not only be in each home, but in each prison, shelter, hospital,

and various clinics here and abroad. My goal for this book is to give everyone, including those in need,

a place to start healing. The links to various organizations in need are included below in hopes that

you may be able to help by sharing this book with them.


Please share Miraculous Silence with your communities, cities and states, and let us create a synergy of healing, which our world is so in need of.


For Prisons Click Here 

For Shelters Click Here 

For AA Groups Click Here

For Hospitals Click Here

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