June 2019

Faith, Courage, Laughter & Tides


I have much to write about this upcoming interesting and powerful summer. Each month is a window to the next, with September being the height of it all and October, being the month of breakthroughs.


It is so interesting how it is all woven together and how each of us is weaving our own unique tapestry as well, amidst these times of change. 


Please take note of the dates of the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde on the side panel. They all fall in July, but we can feel them as early as early June. Eclipses are events that usually occur out of the blue creating beginnings or endings. 


So many are in periods of transition or major transformation. This is never easy; it is a process that needs our self-love, courage, faith, and laughter. Why do I say laughter? Because we always need to find the humor in life, in ourselves, else the tides can feel overwhelming.


The year of the Boar is powerful, the undercurrents not easy for many, as the Boar is very forceful and no-nonsense. So, what some of us are experiencing is the reality of our own situations that we can no longer sugar coat. The Boar is asking each of us to be our own hero, galloping into our own rainbow and sunset. We are to look within and around us internally and externally, to find our resolutions, which may be very different than the last 2 or 3 years. This is the year to break through our barriers and our fears, as these will truly impede our life in every way.


June is the birth of all this transition in us and in our life.

The end of June is about us truly needing to realize, recognize and take action to move toward our dreams, but not without a pause from the Universe. 


July is the month to let our hair down amidst the eclipses and retrograde and just enjoy the celestial currents. To find joy, laughter, and be in good company. To engage in art and culture and just be in the essence of being, connecting to nature and goodness. As late July approaches, we start feeling a new surge of energy, slowly walking into a new vision of possibilities. This is invigorating, refreshing, and so needed for our soul. Here the Universe guides us...and we listen...


August is a very interesting month as the Goddess energy is very powerful. Travel, water, intuition, and nurturing our souls, is further emphasized. August is what the Boar needs...an environment to feel harmonious, centered and refreshing!


And finally, the summer months finishing with September, the biggest month of joy, creativity, heightened activity, and at its end, powerful alliances, movement, and promise. We can feel our heart beat stronger, as we exhale the hesitations and move forward with faith. Much has changed this year: Relationships have changed, circumstances have changed, we have changed. Who would think that it would be in the year of the Boar, the animal that does not like change, that so much transformation and learning would be experienced?


In the bigger picture, our world is changing fast. Am I worried? No, I am not, for I believe the power of Light is very strong now overcoming all the darkness. There are millions of light bearers in our world, in every corner. And the millennials who are now starting to carry the new staff are of peace mindedness, caring more for the environment and the globe. The millennials are what our world needs: a promise of hope and progress through peace. 


So you see, we are exactly where we need to be...on the threshold of a new world order, a new life order when the caterpillar is becoming the butterfly and this metamorphosis this Summer and early Fall will be a feast for our eyes!


So my dear ones..tread lightly on the Earth..bask in her warm sands, her moonlit skies, and her radiant sun.

Enjoy each moment through your breath; the challenges are here to help us grow. We are each where we are for a reason, to work through and with it, to find our liberation. 


Allow your faith to help you ride the tides and courage to lift you. And always laugh.. for that is the best healing for our soul. Where you feel fear, let the fear help you to break through the limitations you have placed on you. Use your breath to exhale the pent up energies, and use walking into nature to walk away from the anxieties and find your peace and anchor once again. 


And as Rumi says: If you wish for light be ready to receive light. 


I hold you in much joy and light at this summer of great miracles! Enjoy the waves! And bask in the light of being and awakening...

May 2019

The Buddhist Way

May is here, a month of clarity, direction, manifestation and at its core a celebration of life. The Universe's powerful message continues: create healing, live in joy, and bring forth peace. 


April rocked our world with horrific acts of violence in Sri Lanka and in the last few days in the Synagogue. These acts cannot be ignored and as I said in the Communal Prayer I conducted, 'the world is screaming at us, to please heal, heal, heal'. This healing begins with each one of us and has to then extend to our communities and cities. How you ask? How can I help this? By educating ourselves, creating awareness, being mindful, and then extending this to our children, families, and communities. To call out mental illness when we see it and become aware of people struggling emotionally. To choose how we communicate, write, make movies, make music, and conduct each facet of our life, through this mindfulness, this awareness.  All of this is important. Violence cannot be glorified in the media, on TV, or any other place. For it holds no glory, only devastation.


When I started writing, my purpose was to bring forth inspiration, insight and hopefully a space of sacred thoughts, words of peace and joy, and to nurture the soul.


Today as I write this I know I have to go one step further for I need to make our world part of this equation. Peace and joy and fulfillment of the self cannot be without that of others. As the great philosopher, Saadi said, 'As one part of the body pains, the entire body pains'. The same is true of our global family, if one suffers, on an energetic field, we all suffer. 


Please create healing circles with your families and friends. Please do the practices of creating sacred space, and remember at all times we are one, not separate, but one. 


And now more about this powerful month of May.


I believe the entire year of 2019 is the Buddha year, for it is all about joy, being present and being in gratitude for the moment and all there is. That is the goal of this year. For us to live this and become this. The tides of the year can be trying for many, as nothing moves fast and patience is required. The planetary skies are also trying at times and then there is our own inner turmoil and life challenges as well. This may make us feel that we cannot find our joy and may feel not so anchored and not able to see the blessings. This is why it is very important to constantly be aware of this. If each morning, mid-day and at night we can take just 30 seconds and say to ourselves,

I am joy, I am blessed, I am, I am, or say, this moment is blessed, I am blessed, I am joy, I am love, we will start feeling this vibration and soon it will become part of a daily practice which will truly enrich our lives. Try it, you have nothing to lose, only much joy and anchoring to gain!


May is an interesting month that brings forth many ideas, many resolutions, and clarity. But it demands our hard work, our honesty, and our faith. At all times, like the Buddha, we need to develop a peaceful attitude, being mindful of all our choices. Like the Buddha, this peace needs to lead us to the joy of the journey. The driven souls or ambitious ones need to remember to enjoy the journey and not constantly focus on the destination. The destination will arrive, but are you enjoying the journey? 


 "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." - Buddha


Each day we are given this chance, this gift, to live this life in our truth, would it not enrich our lives and bring us more to a place of gratitude and peace if we did this in joy and ultimately service?


As May is the month of Ramadan and fasting takes place for the entire month in many parts of the world, I am calling each of you to a fasting of sorts. A fasting from negative thoughts and destructive behaviors. A fasting from the constant world of social media and the Internet. A fasting from gossip. Replacing all of this with daily affirmation, meditation, and mantra.


May leads us into a big cycle of change and transformation into the upcoming summer months, it would be a shame if we did not use this month as it is intended to be.


So please create fasting and create a sacred space of practice. This will guide you further to clarity of your life goals. 


From the Buddha, we learn...each day is a gift,

use it...

be of service, 

that is the biggest gift...

and be in your truth

honoring yourself

honor life. 

Remember the breath,

the gift,

the joy of being. 


Don't engage in the drama, it is an illusion; it is a veil to cover up what really is. Go to the heart center, put your hand on your heart, breathe in the light that you are and exhale this breath of light to the world...be the light, become the light...illuminate your journey...and the journey of others.


I hold you each in this sacred space in this holy month of Ramadan.

April 2019


Truth & Rebirth



We are sitting in the early days of spring and April is the month of re-birth, awakening and connecting us beautifully to our inner and outer realities. 


As the month commences the New Moon will birth beginnings and as it progresses each day there will be more a sense of knowing where we are and where we are headed toward. But, we need to be patient and know this year brings delays, and we need to research and do the legwork for the next phase of our journey. As the month comes to the closing week, we will understand what is needed from us to create the changes we so desire and get ready to truly move forward, creating bigger tides, and leaps. 


This interesting year needs pause at times. I know patience for so many is hard, but we need to learn from nature, the harsh winters give birth to Spring, and it takes time to grow a new seed, and so forth. We need to understand that when we are truly ready to embrace what is intended for us, we will, but before that, we need to just be. That in itself is a gift we can give ourselves. 


April is beautifully, divinely woven. The curves of the journey this month lead us to an inward and outward new vision, of possibilities, of colors, of awakenings. We come to better understand our mission, our truth, our life. 


April also has a special quality to it, as there is Spirit's fairy dust on many turns throughout the month. There is tremendous guidance that comes in unexpected moments. I love this, for it connects us to the Unseen, and helps us trust the path that we are on, and opens our eyes to what we had possibly missed or not seen before. 


It is by month's end that we will feel an energy within us, an awakening, an illumination of sorts. This rebirth is all around us, in flowers, in nature. And now, we will feel it in our hearts.

This comes not from only listening to our heart's truth, but in honoring it and understanding that this is our joy, this is what will make our heart sing.


So, my dear ones, this month I love the mantra, "I surrender to Higher Wisdom." In doing this mantra we become more open to trusting the Universe. It may have a different plan for us than we have, but then It always knows best.


I know in every given year and month many go through trials and challenges. But the path to such glorious joy cannot be without such trials. Our trials can be our blessings, for they ultimately lead us to the pillar of growth.


Enjoy the journey, for at the heart of this year, is joy

Joy of just being. Not anything else.

Joy of just being in gratitude, of being thankful, of seeing the gift of life and all that is. 


Walk in ease and grace...

Breathe in joy and exhale it...

and remember...

it is all about Truth at all times.


March 2019

The Joy & Fears


This year is so much about living in the joy of being and also about finding our voice and with this comes recognizing the areas of fear we have to work on. Once we do, we can open up our inner channels of healing to overcome them and see better the blessings we have been given, and thus step into a space of joy


If our eyes and senses are not awakened to the beauty and blessings around us finding joy may not be easy to find.


We sometimes can reside in confusion and anticipation, and not see clearly. During such times we may forget we are breathing, we are living, we have a purpose. What hinders us from living a life that is liberated and joyous is many times our own challenges and limitations, those that we have pushed down so deeply because we are scared to face them.


How does one face their fears? How can we feel free, living more in the moment, in a deeper peace and contentment?


First, we must find our voice, hearing and listening to the whispers of our soul, to better understand where our blockages are, and then dedicate ourselves to healing. This is a task that many choose not to do, for it is not easy or comfortable, and it means shifting, creating change; another element that for many is hard to do but the other option is much harder, for it means never realizing the dreams, never hearing the song of our soul.


Seek those who can guide you, teach you, help you. There are many wonderful healers, find them. Once you do, and once you begin this journey, you will see how much more color your life can have. After all, this year is the year of learning and what better way to honor our voice than to learn how to better sing the song of our soul?


The joy that we see in March is the birth of Spring, on March 21st. The birth of hope, the birth of dreams. But prior to this, we are still in Winter, a wonderful time to begin a mantra practice or meditation practice, so when Spring commences we feel more rejuvenated, more in touch with our inner whisper.


The Year of the Pig is strong all year long. It is wanting us to be mindful, joyful, playful, and hopeful. Breathe this in each day and find the child in you once again. Once you do, you will dance into this enchanting month of music, mysticism, and hope.


I wrote an article - Approaching 2019 as Lady Gaga Would - that was published in Arianna Huffington's ThriveGlobal.com. To me, this article is the way I hope each one of us can live: in joy, service, hearing always our voice.

To read: http://bit.ly/2VyOkFD


So, as early March guides us to healing and finding our voice the birth of the Solstice anchors us into the heart of the Goddess energy, the heart of goodness. This prepares us for the strong actions we will take from the end of April into the summer and fall.


Enjoy this time... Spend time in with others, in groups.

Hear the winds and rain.. Let it sit in you...And as you walk in nature with each step remember to let go a bit of the control, of the things that no longer serve you. And once you do...You will dance into the heart of Spring.


Blessed be your day in joy,

and blessed be your nights in peace.



February 2019


Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig


Happy Year of the Earth Pig to you! I am sure you have all felt the shift of energy as Miss Pig has made her grand entrance into a very interesting year of creativity, social events, travel, learning, family, and fun!


The Year of the Pig and the 3 Universal Year (2019) work beautifully to bring us back to the core of being: enjoying each moment to the fullest. This coupled with artistry and creativity makes the year very colorful as many new ideas will be birthed and we will all be more interested in forms of artistic expression.


This is a highly social year with more parties, more fun and, more enjoyment. A year where communication is key and is very much about "our voice", our inner confidence, facing our fears, speaking up, but not hurting another by our words for at times lines of communication may get crossed, or things can be said out of impulse, thus feelings can be hurt, and a parting of ways can happen easier. This is key this year; else many relationships will break off for no reason. Being mindful in all communications and coming from a place of honesty will help resolve all issues early on.


The Pig and her love of family make family and our key relationships central to this year. Pig years favor all forms of gatherings and new friendships and networking as well.

The year also supports learning languages as well as foreign cultures and concepts. This is a year where many will travel to places they have wanted to but never have before.


The optimistic Pig is hopeful and sometimes unrealistic, this coupled with its challenged eyesight may make things sometimes not appear as they really are. The psychic sense and other strong sensory organs of the Pig are what she will rely on this year to navigate her way in this colorful terrain. 


This is the year to trust or listen to our inner voice rather than what we see. Very sensitive, psychic at times, and naive, the Pig is the golden child of Chinese Astrology. Full of wonder, enthusiasm, and affection, the Pig is an honest being, loyal, determined and at times stubborn! Not liking to be out of its comfort zone, the Pig has a difficult time with change and can get passive about things. It is important to be proactive in our goals. At times we may feel lazy, or not feel we want to focus on the tasks at hand, during those times, take a break and then continue with your goals.


A year that is not focused as much on work but on inner fulfillment, doing the things we love to do. Again the priority in this year is first and foremost one word: joy.


A year of extremes from food, to money, to fun, it is important to not overdo things, but to allow balance. Pig years are typically known to be abundant years, however, the extreme financial weather this year can be seen in the stock market. Opportunities come this year, and if not grabbed they move out fast. This is due to the fast mercurial energy sometimes seen in the 3 Year. A Year of Chance, our willpower and motivation is key in what we achieve, how we conduct ourselves, and in the midst of it all, how much enthusiasm and fun we have. 


Needing more sleep than other years, needing to watch our diets, and attending to health habits is another focus of this year.


All the animal signs will enjoy the year of the Pig to various degrees. For the Pig itself, this is a big year, of change. Although there will be challenges there will be much progress. For the Rabbit, this is a great stellar year. and a time to shine! For the Snake it is a year of challenges and change, as it is the opposition of the Pig. Best to not be too ambitious, and at times lay low. I have put below a keyword for each animal sign to focus on for this year. Below the Animal Signs is a link for the animal sign calendar and times of birth. 


Also please be sure to check the side panel for my recommendations on Tools for the Year. This can greatly guide you on how to best navigate. 


Rat: Focus

Ox: Learn

Tiger: Patience

Rabbit: Confidence

Dragon: Compromise

Snake: Energy

Horse: Pace

Sheep: Artistry

Monkey: Honesty

Rooster: Knowledge

Dog: Joy

Pig: Trust

Access the Animal Sign Calendar Here


No matter what your animal sign is, enjoy this year! Take time to rejuvenate, walk in nature, be creative, and spend time doing the things that feed your soul with those you love! Sit as the Pig in the wonder of it all, in the childlike belief that all is possible, that life can be magical, and rainbows can appear.

And as always anchor yourself in meditation, prayer, and affirmations...believe, have faith, and enjoy this oasis of the Year of the Pig!



January 2019


Happy New Year 

Enjoy, embrace, and allow. Strengthen your meditation practice

So my dear ones, how exciting is all this? How invigorating to begin with the winds of the Universe guiding our way?

This month the dog makes its final walk in its own terrain creating breakthroughs and big splashes until it finds its rest in early February. The dog will deliver each of us "our bone", gifting us, awakening us after a year when things for many did not happen easily but required much effort. And in this gift, we further awaken within us, to new dreams and a possible new life direction. 

As 2018 was a year that was emotionally driven and required patience to navigate, 2019 is about the moment, the joy, finding our laughter. I will speak more next month about 2019's Year of the Pig, but for now, we are still hosting the Dog. 

Two eclipses are present this month, and the numerology of the month points to karmic patterns, possibilities, unforeseen opportunities, and clarity. It is the end of this month that many will have this resolve, this clarity and from then on it is about creating the steps to fulfill your new direction.

The year begins with a bang! January may possibly be the most powerful month of the year although the ending months of 2019 will be powerful as well!

A Happy and Healthy 2019 to each of you as we begin the year very powerfully in January. 2019 will be a year that promises much hope, much joy, and creativity. A year where we will face our fears, overcome them and walk in a more joyful stride. walk in prayer, and speak always your truth
honoring your journey...may your heart sing in joy!
And may our world walk into a peaceful walk in 2019. 
Blessed be your year..fulfilled be your soul..and may good health grace your being. 

Let us begin...