November /December 2018

Powerful Strides

Where has the time gone?

Let us reflect ...

It has been a year of complicated feelings, thoughts, and contradictions, and yet, in the midst of it all, we can see the steps...sometimes forward, sometimes side to side, and sometimes standing still...and as the moons passed, and the stars guided our way, we grew, claiming our voice, our inner power. 


Although Mercury is Retrograde the haze we had felt most of this year has lifted and there is something magical have returned to You. You are walking into powerful steps. You are owning your voice, honoring the self.  


Growth is never easy for we have to clear so much clutter and although there is always more clearing to do, we can now see the path with more clarity. Some may be thinking, I still don't feel good about my work or that nothing has happened for me or perhaps other thoughts about a lack of change but I am not talking about external factors, I am talking about your inner world: You.


November is an interesting time this year with many karmic undercurrents.  People may think of the word karma in a negative sense but I am not referring to it in that way. I am speaking about your life, your karmic thread, your calling...your destiny. Who is to come into your life, where are you to go, what is calling you? Here, is where the Universe guides us into a deeper, richer essence. We are looking for our real definition, in each aspect of our life. How do we find it you ask? And I will say see the signs, hear the whisper within you, watch the twitches and tingling sensations in your is telling. You will know it  Listen...alllow yourself to see it. Do not fear it, you are ready to receive your truth. You are. Trust it.


all the information we receive in November reveals so much, and we can see the divine design of our lives in a new light, we quickly get carried into the mercurial energy of December. And this December we will be even busier, with much to do, many to see, and many thoughts and ideas that will birth in our minds. The senses will work fast, and we will a newfound enthusiasm.  For many, they will enjoy December as life will be quite interesting and many will find it a bit overwhelming, but then, this is how high vibration energy can be, exciting, new, and at times a bit uncomfortable. 


It is important here to anchor oneself daily in a few moments of silence or meditation. Use the stones of onyx or malachite for stamina and patience. Observe and be open to the many things that may come your way and let the winds guide you.


As I sit here writing this, I feel the breeze that is coming in. The breeze that has awakened our senses into a new plateau of awareness. I am very well aware of the many, many challenges of our world and pray we can find a way to a better world, life, and being.


But for now, I ask you to bask in this space of receiving..receiving the guidance of the Universe, basking in the gratitude of being, in seeing all that you have and all that you do not have, equally, each as your blessing.


Enjoy the journey and allow the search. Do not look for the answers but rather trust the unfolding of it all. And in the heart of it all, reach out to another, lend a hand, lift a heart, and see a stranger's smile light up your heart. After all is this not what it is all about? The magical connection that is between us all. 


Come dear ones...let us pray.



oh, Light of Lights,

Guide us always to the truth within us.

Grant us courage, and wisdom to see our way.

Help us help others from a space of kindness, and compassion.

As we come to you receive us and lead us to the light within that will heal us and heal our world.


We trust Your winds and moons,

We pray that we will always be anchored

in this faith each day,

as we sit upon Your gate. 


May we always be awakened with this faith and hope,

and with this may we stand. 


October 2018



It is here..Glorious October!

Finally, the veil of confusion has lifted, we feel more confident, more clear and those who have so been challenged in the Reign of the Dog, can finally breathe a sigh of relief!!


And in this beautiful Autumn, we have the rays of hope, of joy, creativity, promise.


This October is special in that although it is the beginning of Fall, it is like Spring, for the heart awakens to new dreams.


Dreams, as we know, are more vivid when we are very young and then somewhere in our journey as disappointments and frustrations set in, we lose that, that ability to dream...that motivation. And it is then, that we realize it was so wonderful to have those dreams, those aspirations, those goals. 


In a year as this, when patience has been so needed to navigate the very confusing emotions and tides, we have in many cases found ourselves on a new turf, one that we never thought possible...out of our comfort zones, trying new things, finding new ways of thinking and just being. We have evolved, grown, and changed, and the magic has been that in the midst of the rawness and the discomfort we got the courage to move through this and slowly walked into a new dream, a new inspiration. 


Now that many have found a new dream, there is that once again...hope of fulfillment, true happiness. 


The tears of the fears have been much released, and now our head and heart are working beautifully together guiding our way.


To me, this October is about the joy of it all..the creativity, the laughter, the ideas, the innovations, the spontaneity and the moment. Seizing life, seeing that we are where we need to be, and this month we work not as hard and play more.


Of course, at any given time many may go through their trials and challenges, but this new clarity and direction,is an overall perception I have for us. 


As always, I believe in the heart...that inner voice that we have to really listen to, to hear..

I believe in the guidance of the trees and winds, the rains, and moon...

And I have that if we tune in, we can find our way back to ourselves and God always.


I leave you with this very simple and wise quote from Persian poet, Omar Khayyam: "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." 


Have fun, celebrate you, honor life, and always be true to YOU.

and is time to rejoice!


September 2018


 September is the Height of the Goddess Energy this year.


  • Connect to the Earth, put your feet and hands in Her.

  • Walk near a body of water, feel the energies awaken your senses.

  • Travel if you can, even if, only for a few hours, it will rejuvenate you.

  • Sit in silence at times this month, put cell phones away, internet away...just be present with the Universe.

  • Meditate and connect to your Higher Wisdom.

  • Use Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst in your meditations.

  • Write

  • Watch your diet, eat light.

  • The female, the nurturers, are highlighted.

  • Intuition and dreams become more pronounced.

  • Our homes and countries become a stronger focus. 

  • In the second half of this month, we become more clear, more decisive. Honor this, embrace it, sit with it.

  •  As we find clarity, we will take steps toward action in the months ahead. 

A little love sent your way that can help us open our heart chakra.


What will reveal is priceless.



Each moment...


June - August 2018

The Summer of 2018


I cannot believe we are almost at the birth of the Solstice! It seems like yesterday that I was speaking to you about the Year of the Dog and the 11 Universal Year, the year of truth, healing, purpose, and in the autumn the time for decision making.

But for now, let me not get ahead of myself and talk about this Summer.


A few of you have emailed me and showed concern about Mars and Mercury Retrograde this Summer. As a very wise dear person told me, 'Destiny and the Hand of God is much more powerful than any planet. And as an amazing astrologer also told me, 'When it is time to do something, retrograde or not, we do it, if it is supposed to be, it is. So, let us not show great concern about the planets. Now, in saying this, I will not recommend major surgery unless of course you have to, or buying a car, but, even with that, I say take it with a grain of salt...we cannot get too carried away, we can be mindful of the celestial skies but not overly concerned.


As I look to late June and then into July and August I feel an energy of togetherness, of gatherings, of coming together. I also feel we cannot push too much at this time and we have to allow things to unfold organically. I love the water-energy this Summer, going to a lake, the ocean or being close to a body of water. I think as we will all release so much and create healing, consciously or subconsciously, we will feel in July especially that we want to also explore the world, maybe travel, take a class or just be open to things we were not before. At the same time I feel July brings us awakenings, some of those magical Aha moments. As July brings this exploration, August brings the birth of new ideas, new perspectives, but still we need to be patient as the dog still does not have complete visual clarity...but it is getting there!


You see July and August are very significant, they are healing months, challenging us to truly breakthrough, let go, and then awaken to new possibilities. We need to remember this throughout the summer, to pause, to be patient, and at times be practical as our passions may run high, and yet the Universe may not completely open the ways for us. It will maybe give us a peek of where we are headed to,but it takes time for us to have the clarity to know which door we want to open, for there may be choices we need to make. You see part of the reason for all this, is our own lack of knowing truly which direction we want to move into. We may think we know, but we vacillate, and the Universe will not rush us, but support us, and as we get to September we will feel a burden, a weight lift from our shoulders. September is the height of the Goddess energy, wherein the kundalini is awakened, when our intuitions will peak and we can see better how the dots have finally makes sense as we walk into our clarity, a new footing. 


If I had to choose one or two words for each month I would call June the month of building, block by block, of moving forward, here in this month the Universe is giving us powerful information and direction. July, is the month of exploration, August the birth, and September the new ground, the new footing. As we build in June we have to know that our building will not take full shape till the end of September..that is the fun of it all!  The journey unfolds gradually. It is like a renovation process, it cannot be rushed but it will be beautiful once finished!


I believe also, on many levels, this is the Summer of Service, to aid someone, to support others, to be part of the solution for our world. It is in this being of service we find our deeper fulfillment this year and we open our being to the healer that resides within each of us.


I know the tides this summer may be strong and at times appear overwhelming, and for others they may feel most welcome, but as always and maybe more than other times, I urge you this Summer to use the tools of meditation, stone healing, visualization, and yoga. I feel these healing modalities will support us in the Summer of change, and yet the uncertainty that 2018 is all about. 


And now, I ask you to sit with me in Prayer...

Let us open our hearts..

Let us take a deep breath in and as we release it let go of all thought...

put your hand on your heart..



Light of Lights...

I come to You today, 

for I know not where the road shall take me, or with whom

I know not if my heart shall sing in joy or sorrow,

but I know..

I know You will always carry me

I may not feel my strength at times,

I may not understand myself or others,

but I understand that You, will always guide my way.


I pray Beloved,

for my heart to be open,

my mind to be in stillness through the chaos around and within me,

and my spirit to rejoice always in being.


I will trust my journey,

and I know it  will unfold as intended,

and know each step is a blessing

that I shall not take for granted.


In this grace, I shall remain.

Your Light envelopes me.



May 2018

Faith Amidst the Winds of Change

It is May....the buddings of so much change begins.

This year it is important to listen and hear the whispers of the winds, and now in May, the winds will be changing a great deal before we get a sense of what the message truly is.


May is very woven in faith, in surrendering, in trusting our journey. At some point this year most of us will enter a new direction and May is the birth of this. With a leap of faith, taking a few steps forward and finding a deeper understanding of what we want and what measures we need to take to get there will begin to be revealed.


I know many have felt agitated, frustrated or unclear as to the direction they should be taking and at times felt a lack of motivation and inspiration. I also know many have felt that fire of inspiration, of a new dream...


In either scenario it is here that we need to exercise the belief that our clarity is slowly emerging, our soul is guiding us, as we are still clearing our own clutter. We continue to release and will slowly open up new space for the new energy that will emerge within the next few months. Yes, new energy! This new energy may be a person, place or vocation, or it can be a new way of being, thinking, of perceiving. But it is about the release and the renewal..always woven in the faith that we are heading to where our soul needs and wants to be.


In Islamic tradition, this is the month of Ramadan. I find this so in harmony with May, for Ramadan is about fasting, about going into the heart of God, and about trusting our journey while being mindful of others who are in need, who are hungry. Now is a deep time of inner reflection and healing as May begins, and by the end of this month we are shedding the old skin and slowly breaking into the new. 


As our world feels smaller now, we have regained a new hope amidst so much chaos..that as a people we will always be drawn towards the truth, the light. As we show up this month for our own life, we go deeper, and find our purpose in the Universe, on how we can be most effective.


Please, this month deepen your practice, go deeper into nature, into healing, allowance..

The benefits you will reap will be huge.

Trust, believe and allow...


April 2018

Who Will Make My Halva?
This year, as I was reciting a
I have been raised with such traditions in the Middle East. I have seen the community come together many times during a given year to celebrate and honor the deceased by reciting prayers and chanting, and by recalling various memories and stories of the beloved departed one. This honoring of the dead brings the community closer together, and also makes the living feel more connected to the spirit world.

Throughout the day, we will reflect on my father's life. Later that evening, we will light candles for him and settle into a feeling of deep contentment and connection with him. And there I will whisper, "I love you, Baba... I love you."

On the anniversary of my beloved Baba's passing, my husband and I are standing together, as the halva - a common Middle Eastern confection made of flour and sugar - is being stirred in a pan. During the time the halva is being prepared, we recite passages of prayer and loving words as a way of honoring the departed one in the spirit world.  Once the halva is ready, we will decorate it, place it on various plates, and offer it to our neighbors, family members, and sometimes the local mosque. This is an offering that I take much comfort and joy in.
Fatehah (a prayer from the Koran for the deceased), a question appeared in my head: Who will make my halva?

I am mainly the one amongst my family and friends to carry these traditions, and I have always been asked to pray for others, light candles, and carry out not only the traditions of my
culture, but those I have also developed as a spiritual teacher. However, in a country where most do not pause, or carry such beliefs or customs, this question about my own halva led me to further questions: Who will carry my stories?  Who will be there to hold my hand when I get old?  Who will "be my cane when I cannot walk?"

In today's society, particularly in the western world, there are not many traditions that support creating a sacred space of honoring each other. Life in most places is fast and hectic, and many avoid rubbing arms or making eye contact, let alone coming together to honor a deceased loved one annually. And yet, is there anything more sacred or beautiful as taking the time to come together as a community and fill our hearts with this deep, loving embrace?

I see the isolation that has set in the daily lives of so many. The lack of community support has left us impoverished of the richness we could otherwise experience. This "communal poverty" has led us deeper into this isolation, which creates more depression and anxiety in our society. An emergency doctor expressed to me that many patients have no one to put down on their contact list when they go to the hospital. Many friends express to me that their children, once grown up, do not give them attention, and are not really present in their life. And those who do not have families may feel they have no support system at all. Even those with huge social circles may feel they are lacking the bonding of community. Simply put, we are in a crisis; "community" is no longer a part of our daily life.

As I visit the Middle East each year, I think of my many students there who would not hesitate to take care of me when I'm
older, and carry on these sacred traditions when I'm gone. It is ingrained in the culture - in the society - and they know that it is precious and needs to be treasured. After all, we all need one another. We all need to be loved and cared for, and the most sacred gift we can give is to honor each other and come together as a community. This will nourish our being and make our lives so much richer.  We are not just a group of individuals: we are a family of people.

As I have adopted so many beautiful traditions and ideologies from the West in the past three decades, I wish to carry and bring forth this from the East; the humanization of our daily life. And soon, as I will be stirring halva for the anniversary of my aunt's passing, I will believe and hope that always, the
will be stirring and their sweetness will carry on... as will our stories.


April 2018

Questions and Answers


In the last two months I have gotten numerous questions from you. Some of these may carry the same meaning or definition. I have attempted to answer them as best as I can.


Q: Mitra, I feel so dull this year, nothing motivates or inspires me. Will this change and go away?
A: This is a significant question and cannot easily be answered so I will answer it from the viewpoint of the Universal 11 Year and Earth Dog Year. The first several months of the year has a lethargic feeling and may be why you are experiencing this now. The
action energy is not strong for everyone and this may be why many may feel unmotivated or inspired. This is due to the fact that we may need to go inward first to heal and create release. Once we have started to release and heal we will start to feel more inspired. I would not give this too much power, but rather do one of the suggested healing modalities such as a suggested mantra, or meditation walk and allow more time for rest and rejuvenation. Nurture yourself...
Suggested Healing Tools for 2018 


Q: I am questioning a lot of my relationships. I feel I am either changing or people around me are. I don't feel like socializing or dealing with people. Why is this?
A: This is a big year to analyze and ponder all types of relationships we may have. Some relationships will shift which is not a bad thing because it may be the time for us to create change. Again, the first months of the year we may feel like we want to retreat and socialize less. This again is the time to create healing in all aspects of life.


A: This year is about the deeper meaning of life. The real deal. It is a year that we may feel our soul may reject technology and these types of communication. We are going inward and trying to create healing so I suggest a "fast" from this or to disengage from it if it is upsetting your equilibrium. It is not natural to our being to sit on the internet each day for hours and communicate in this way. It creates a disconnect sometimes within
Q: I am uneasy with social media and feel like I want to disconnect from it all including email and text! Just looking at it makes me feel anxious! What do you suggest?
ourself. It may have become our norm, but it is not natural...listen to what your soul is telling you...


Q: This year I am exhausted all the time and when not exhausted I am overly emotional. The tides are strong. How do I handle this?
A: You are probably processing a lot. You may not be aware of it for some of it is subconscious. Do not fight will wash its way out. Connect to the Earth. Put your hands and feet in it. Take a slow walk in nature. Allow the tears to come, and your body to find rest. Use a malachite stone when you feel overwhelmed, and in your meditations imagine a beautiful golden light around and within you. This visualization greatly supports our being.


Q: I feel I have OCD this year..I keep reviewing and regretting the past. This makes me feel stagnant and unable to move forward. How do I change this?
A: I really believe in healing our beings..if something is not healed, and you are unable to move past these thoughts it may be best to seek a therapist, a minister or a trusted person. Share your concerns, and allow others to help guide you. Their input may
be help you find better resolutions .
Also maybe all this is coming up more now, for something in your current life is not bringing you forth fulfillment. There is a great book on anxiety called 
The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, by Edmund J. Mourne

Q: People are acting strange, and distant. Why is this?
A: This year calls for authenticity. Many are questioning their communications and relationships. It may be best to allow them this space, and if at a time it gets to be really bothersome to you, then perhaps you may gently address it with them. Remember, this may have nothing to do with you; sometimes we just need to be by ourselves and remember this may be their own time to analyze and ponder their relationships. They may be stepping outside of your life for they need to step into their own.


Q: Doing meditation this year is not creating peace for me but frustration and anger so I don't want to do it at all. Any suggestions?
A: Meditation is not making you angry..there is anger that is within you that may be coming out when you are meditating. You are probably not addressing it and putting a lid on it. Increase the meditations! They will help you to release. Try doing the warrior pose or breath of fire meditations which can help with the release of these frustrations. 

Try any of the below to create
Spirit Warrior - Breath of Fire 
Breath of Fire - Kundalini Basics 
Meditation for Releasing Anger 


A: Yes, our world is in great need of help. We all are feeling this at some level, however, try to engage less in reading and watching the news and nurture yourself more. You have probably overloaded your circuits with all the incoming information and need to step back. Also, at all times please remember that as much as our world has problems there are millions each day who are creating
Q: The state of our world is so troubling that it is making me sick, Mitra. I am having a hard time dealing with it all.
positive movement, and helping help us all heal. In time when you are ready, you can see how you can also take steps towards being part of the bigger healing. It will make you feel empowered and fulfilled.

Q: I cannot connect to God, I feel I am so lost.
A: Sometimes we cannot feel the connection because we are in a haze or very disconnected within ourselves. At such times don't push to feel the connection but rather step aside. Allow yourself to just be. As I have said previously being lost this year is not a bad thing, for it allows us to explore. You may not feel your connection to God now, but the truth is that that is the only connection that is always present. In time you will feel it..don't judge yourself or it..give it time.

Note: At times an inspiring book can help guide us and be our best friend in a year of uncertainty. 
Please view my recommended reading list.


March/April 2018

The Pulse of the Universe


The buddings of Spring are in the air!  On Solstice, for me, all Iranians and Afghans is our New Year, Nowrooz, meaning a New Day. And it is a new day for all of us as March and April are powerful as the Universe is loud, strong, and the signs cannot be ignored!


You will say to me, 'Mitra, March and part of April have mercury retrograde, so how do we navigate this?' I will say although this retrograde is strongly focused on physical energy and action (so be sure to balance your energies and watch aggression.), there will still be some magical elements also at play, which I will explain in a minute. As with all retrogrades do not initiate anything major but, at the same time pay attention to the signs and see what they are telling you, give it time, do not be impulsive and as Mid - April rolls around you will feel more sure and clearer. The key word is more...not fully.


Those who attended my Chinese Astrology Workshop know I mentioned this period may be intense at times, especially the third week of March until the end of the second week of April.  The reason for this intensity is that this is the energies of the Dragon that will fight the Dog.


We will feel it at different times, each of us, but it is there. What does this mean? It means there may be a conflict that may be as simple as wanting to get away, but our

responsibilities may not allow us to do so. Or it may be more complex because what we want, requires a rethought, a redo, or may not be in sync with our reality. Usually during such friction and tension we can experience break throughs


As always, I recommend the mantra and meditation practice, taking the time to be in nature, and to create groups, prayer groups, meditation groups, or just loving circles to encourage support during the intensity because it may be hard for us to discipline ourselves individually because we may feel uneasy. If we can create this practice beforehand, as anxious as we may feel, we will still be able to anchor ourselves in some level of balance. Also, please look at the Tips of the Year; use the stones and other recommendations on the side panel of that newsletter.


My higher intuition feels good about this period although powerful pulses from the Universe mark it. I feel many will feel more alive, more motivated and inspired. The Universe will guide us stronger, and this can invigorate us, as we are awakened to possibly something different. Something that we never thought of before, or if we had, we dared not believe in. 


The second half of March is marked by mercurial energies that are faster than other times this year. And April slowly brings more harmony, more resolution, and more balance, as the feminine Goddess force becomes very much alive. Again, I cannot stress the need to create support groups in April, as our togetherness is so needed for our well being during this time.


April is about unity, reaching out to one another and being supportive. A powerful time of roots and family is at the core of so much. The questions of where, and with whom become more pronounced and the seed slowly finds a sprout...we can see the buddings, and that is my key word, the buddings, of a new vision, a new way, and possibly even a new life will emerge. It will take months to find its shape and clarity, but the birth of it is still magical...


Again, for those who feel the challenges more this year please take time to be in nature, or if possible, go away for even half a day. The year calls us onto this, and our healing comes from the Earth, and as we step onto the Earth we will step away from our fears and trepidations.


I send each of you much love and light as we all will slowly start to learn to navigate this not always clear, but definitely Divinely woven year...enjoy, embrace, and always allow.


February 2018

Year of the Dog and the Universal Year


Happy Year of the Earth Dog! It is here! The Dog is very enthusiastically wagging its tail and impulsively may change its direction often while it is trying to see which way to go! The Earth Dog unlike the other types of dogs is here to create harmony and make an effort to help us create positive movement without creating much upheaval. Couple this with the Universal 11 year makes this not always a year of clarity, but a year of questioning at times, pondering, reflecting, a need for patience, and at its core, a very spiritual year guided by our inner truth. 


The 11 Year is the most spiritual year for our world and will influence all of our lives. This is the year of all types of healing modalities, ancient wisdom, metaphysics, religion, spirituality, and also for some travel to places that may call us on a soul/spirit level.  


The 11 and the dog year are anything but shallow. This year is more serious in nature, more philosophical, and very much about the higher intuitions. The Goddess energy is very strong this year, as is the call to each of us to look into our lives and ask ourselves the big questions, 'where are we going, with whom, and what do we want to be when we grow up?'


The Dog does not bring us the clarity easily first because its face is covered in earth, and secondly because it is constantly shifting its direction. As it adapts to these changes we further understand that we are also shifting, what we knew and who we were is different than who we want or desire to be today. Our dreams may be different and we may have outgrown many situations or people. Now, this Earth year beckons us to build a new home, a new territory, a relationship, a partnership. As the dog shakes off the earth from his face and begins to see with more clarity we will as well, but. not in the first few months of the year. 


The 11 Universal Dog Year, is not about going solo, but about building in togetherness, that is when the 2 pillars of the 1 stand strongest.


Relationships are one of the strongest themes of this year.   

Home, roots, and family are of core importance. Where is home, and with who are other questions for us all to answer. As ancient energies draw us into this Goddess energy, this year is not about ambition or money, it is not about glamor or fame, but about fulfillment, higher purpose, ideals, social and political fairness, equality and harmony. The Dog works very hard and nothing comes easily in his reign, but only through our own hard work and persistence. For fast schemers, this is the year to follow the rules, and for those who are oppressed a year that promises the rise of the heroes, and those heroes are amongst us. 


The Dog's nature is emotional and quick to react, as we all will take on the dog's traits, we have to all watch our tempers, and learn to respond and not always react. We need to pick our battles mindfully, and not be impulsive or we will burn many bridges. 


Literary pursuits and academia and all types of schooling are favored.  A year that is at times social and at times one of retreat, it favors us to reach out and create circles of like-minded people. Remember we will all want to feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves this year. 


Politically the 11 Universal  Dog Year favors fairness and not big governments. The Dog is the most political animal and this year it will not sit on the sidelines and just watch. A stickler for the law, legal energies are stronger than usual this year. 


At times the Dog will be very energetic and at times lethargic, as is the nature of the Dog, and the 11 year calls for more retreat and rest in the first half of its reign. Our senses, especially our hearing, is heightened, our joints may be more sensitive and our energy levels will be challenged from high to low. Balancing ourselves is key. 


The year calls for truths, for purpose, for us to not engage in the idle and shallow waters but to go the extra mile for our families, our friends, our communities, and ourselves.


The very strong Earth elements this year can create an "earthquake" effect in our individual lives, as the changes may be drastic. Relocations and crossing borders, marriages and divorces, pregnancies and huge work shifts can happen especially in the second half of the year.


The Dog Year favors the artist, the humanitarian, the quest for knowledge, and cures for ailments.  At its core, this year is about healing deeply, about coming into resolutions, and finally, decision making.


The Dog will fill the lives of its three best friends with many blessings: the Rabbit, Horse, and Tiger should feel the bounties this dog can bring!

The Pig and Snake can also benefit very much during the reign of the Dog. 

For the Ox and Sheep, a lot of change is in order. They have to learn to flow with the tides and adjust to change, as it may be outside their comfort zone. 

For the Rat and Monkey, the Dog will curtail their schemes and urge them to follow rules. The year may move slower for them at times. 

The Rooster will need to rest a bit, and move slowly after having done so much in its own reign last year. Time for some rest and rejuvenation!

The Dragon is in opposition to the Dog and this year may experience, some upheaval and changes that will keep the Dragon very busy and at times overwhelmed. One of the strongest animals, the Dragon needs to be patient and will overcome all challenges with diplomacy. 

The Dog itself will have to be very patient as numerous challenges can keep him/her busy, but at the end, there will be a stronger footing. Our own animal year is never about it being easy, but about us owning our power and stepping into it. 


Those born in the year of the Dog, Dragon, Sheep, and Ox, will feel the year will bring them more drastic changes. The key is to be flexible, patient, and trust the signs of the Universe. 


The Earth Dog Year will favor those born in Metal Years the most and have more conflict with those born in wood or fire years. The time of our birth is very important.  If you are a Dragon but born in the hour of the Tiger, that can greatly support you this year. To assess our year many factors go into play, so please know that it cannot just be based on your animal of birth year. *You can easily find birth hours online*


No matter what our sign is we have to all remember that the power is always with the reigning animal of the year and this year that is the Dog. In conclusion, staying away from arguments is key as tempers may flair and many may burn bridges. Exercising patience is the key word in a year that is not always clear and at times confusing. Ground and anchor yourself with taking daily walks, don't rush or push anything, for things will be delayed this year, and lastly be patient with yourself and others.


Allow the 11 year to illuminate your path, hear the whispers and see the signs and then take steps with a more anchored faith. This faith will ground you through the impending tides and turns. 


Please look at the column on the side for recommendations for the Dog Year. 


Wishing you dear ones a blessed year of good health, peace of mind, joy of spirit, and fulfillment.


February 2018

Tools & Tips for 2018


In a couple of weeks, I will send you the Newsletter for 

 Year of the Dog and the Universal 11 Year. 

Below are tips and tools that will help you navigate through this illuminating year, and support you in patience, clarity, stamina, and courage.

Please share this with others.




This is the year of the Earth Dog and our connection to the Earth is very important not only in our physical activity but also in anchoring us spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Of course, I recommend all forms of meditation, but I do feel this year Walking Meditation will be very valuable as it will help us "step away" from fear and "step into" Grace. 

If possible, do this daily, or as often as you can and if done in nature even better!




I channeled the mantra below and it is my mantra for this year.


Break me open Beloved

So I can break through the limitations within me

So I can be what I truly intend to be


Another wonderful mantra for this year is: RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG

This mantra is one of deep healing. There are many youtube samples of this. I love the one with Snatum Kaur.




There are two stones I love for this year:


Lapis Lazuli: For ancient wisdom and higher connection, as well as intuition.  Use this in your meditation or throughout the day or night. Hold it in your hand for the most effect.


Malachite: For the alignment of your body and spirit. Use this at times when you feel your stamina is lacking or your body is feeling vulnerable. It can bring forth energy, so best to use during the day, and not at night. 


The other two stones that will also help you are: 


Onyx: For strength and not letting energies affect you too much.


Tiger's Eye: When you need the courage to help you leap forward.


Please use one stone at a time, to see how you react to it. 




There are many new books that are wonderful as well as classics you may have read before. I love the spiritual books, even more, this year as well as books that are about history or ancient cultures. 


I feel the below books will help guide our way this year: 


The Road Less Traveled: This is one of my top choices as this year the theme is togetherness and relationships. I cannot think of a better book for this focus!


The Alchemist is even more magical this year!  This awakens us to the signs of the Universe and our inner truth. A top pick as this year is about the 11 Universal Year of "signs" and wisdom. Even if you have read it before read it again. 


The Red Tent: If you can find this book, it is a beautiful  novel about the Goddess energies. A great amount of wisdom is intertwined with excellent storytelling.


Live Your Life by the Numbers: This excellent guide to the makings of our soul can so help guide us in this very spiritual intuitive year.




I absolutely love all scripture for there is much wisdom in the old books of faith. 

From the Torah, to the Baghavita, to the Koran or Bible, this is the year to learn from ancient religions and from them draw knowledge and higher wisdom. 




No matter what you call them these sacred beads are a must this year! They will not only help you connect to you and the higher truths, but they will help you focus, and anchor you. You can use them in daily walks, meditation, prayer, or when reciting mantra




What can I say about prayer that I already have not? It is essential to our well being and living our truth. Communal prayers and praying for others is a practice that you can develop this year to help connect and support us all in our quest for global peace and true camaraderie.




 Some may feel more stressed this year due to the slower nature and lack of clarity you may feel at times. I love Essential Oils for they can help  decrease stress. You can order these oils directly from the internet or search for retailers in your area that sell them. Botanical Flower Essences can also be used. 


I love Chamomile Tea this year. It not only supports heart health but helps bring forth calm.


Garlic and Turmeric in moderation will help support your joints this year, as the joints are more sensitive in the Year of the Dog.




This year is about deep healing and our connection to the Earth. I love "stone massages", or mud baths to help with these connections. Also, if you can, connect to the Earth more by walking barefoot or digging your hands and feet into the Earth.

Yoga, acupuncture, reflexology and ancient healing methods are very beneficial this year and doing acupressure can very much support you in releasing stress.



March 22 - April 15

July 25- August 18

November 16- December 6


Mercury retrograde is a great time to review, and revise but not to initiate, sign contracts, buy a car, or do surgery. Please give a few days before and after to allow the retrograde to completely die down. 



June 26 - August 27 


The energy to push forward may not be strong under this retrograde.  Not a great time to initiate, wait until the tides change.

Buying a car, or having a surgery may not be recommended due to the lack of the physical energies necessary to push forward. Watch anger issues. 

Nurture yourself, meditate, and balance your energy level and temperament. Remember respond and do not react! 


The times when Mercury and Mars are both retrograde is definitely not a time to push forward. 



The above recommendations are good for any given year, but as this year is the year of deep healing and using ancient wisdom and methods, I feel this is where our healing may be supported from. 


Keep this email and draw from it the modalities you wish.


Wishing you and our world a year of peace, deep healing, and positive movement.


With the light of Grace may we journey on...



January 2018

A Great Start


Let us begin the day with an open heart, and trust the journey will unfold as intended.


My Beautiful Ones,

Happy 2018 to each of you!

I was thinking and looking back and realized that I have been writing these newsletters for close to 13 years!

The formats and looks have changed and the list is much larger, but always hoping that it provides inspiration and guidance to you on your journey.


As some of you may know I think of January as the ending chapter of a year, for I celebrate the New Year with the Chinese New Year which commences on Feb 16th, 2018 (The Year of the Earth Dog) but, this January is different than most and I feel the year begins with much promise and hope, and this spirit of optimism flows beautifully

all throughout the month.


I know for many, January is back to "reality", a reality one might like or not, but this January holds a dream for each of us, we can find joy and purpose if we tune in with our higher self and the Universe. The Universe is anchoring us in a knowing faith, that no matter what, we will be ok. 


As the Rooster Year is slowly coming to a close, no longer will it want to challenge us but now it will actually  support us to manifest and make a plan that will help us create a more grounded footing. Here, the rooster is rewarding us with clarity, purpose, and a centering. 


I think we all should use the positive vibrations of this month and move forward, create movement, make plans, lean on our courage, and walk away from our fears.

I know you will say, 'Mitra this is easier said than done!' and I will say 'just approach it in increments', you may be surprised at how ready you are, how fearless you have become, and how supported you will feel by the Universe.


Let the magic of the stars be felt in your soul! Close your eyes, and whisper...I am part of the Miracle...

Commence the year with prayer, with positive affirmations.

Be silent at times to hear your whisper...




and always believe...