Amidst the ancient lands of the East, from a lineage of Sufi's and poets, Mitra has emerged with her voice...
Healer and master intuitive....teacher to thousands.....songstress and poet of the language of the soul...
Mitra is here to bring forth teachings, awareness, and joy of spirit.


          Mitra's Journey & Work
Mitra's journey and her gift of special sight were predicted at the age of 7 by a high priest in Iran. By age 11, Mitra had already begun to realize her life of spiritual service through her volunteer efforts. A few years later, facing the challenges of a teen immigrant, Mitra's commitment to spiritual discipline and compassion for others deepened, further paving the way for her life's work.  
For the past three decades, Mitra has built her life on three pillars: Devotion to spiritual enlightenment, service, and artistry. Mitra has been a teacher and guide for thousands. She has taught many acclaimed workshops, conducted blessing ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. Mitra's first book, Miraculous Silence, has been praised by spiritual leader Michael Beckwith, as well as Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Gisele Bundchen, Randolph Duke, and award-winning architect Hitesh Mehta.
Mitra's Musical Accomplishments
Mitra's musical artistry and her unique body of music blend Persian, Indian, Afghan influences with a fusion of Spanish guitar, and serves to create spiritual wonder and deep peace and joy in the listener. Mitra has released four albums to date, and her spoken words and songs are found on many compilation albums, as well as film scores, including Spartacus, The Olive Harvest, and Shanghai Mystery. Mitra has sung with singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow and collaborated on projects with new age artist, Randall Leonard, global Sephardic Singer, Gerard Edery,  and renowned Indian Dancer,
Viji Prakash.
Appearances and Contributions 
Recently, Mitra appeared on an expert panel on Larry King Now discussing finding happiness with scholar Pico Iyer. She has also spoken on LA Talk Radio, Conversations with Maria Menounos, Super Soul Sunday with Michael Beckwith, and other radio and television programs.  She has been featured in many publications including Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper, The Edge, Spirituality and Health, and AARP's Life Reimagined.
Mitra has earned awards from the Los Angeles Mayor's Office, and the Los Angeles Independent Music Award. As a peace advocate, she has spoken and sung at many notable causes and events, including those for the United Nations, for Nobel Prize Recipients, and for presidential candidates Dennis Kucinich and Hillary Clinton, as well as many other high profile persons. Mitra was the recipient of the Gold Award from Independent Publisher in 2016.  
      Philanthropic Work
Mitra is involved with organizations in the Middle East to bring forth awareness and education to young women, as well as adoptive parents.
Mitra's most significant accomplishment, however, lays in the hearts of those who have been touched by her. This has been and continues to be her ultimate mission.
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