The Rat will be making a big entrance soon!

Do Not Miss This One Time Online Workshop!

The Rat Year is the beginning cycle in the Chinese Calendar of the next 60 years! This will not happen in most of our lives again. This Workshop Is Not To Be Missed!

Mitra has taught this Workshop for 27 years. A one of a kind workshop, this most unique and highly specialized workshop is the only workshop that covers not only Chinese Astrology but also Numerology. These coupled with Mitra's insight and experience in this field for over 27 years makes this Workshop great guidance for the year!


" The best day of the year for me is the day of these workshops!"

"This is the best class I have ever taken hands down!"

"Mitra's workshop is amazing! I love her take, and her wisdom"

" After each workshop, I think to myself, wow! When can I do this again?!"



Year of the Rat and the Universal Vibrations of 2020 Workshop:


This workshop will give you insight and guidance to this very interesting and layered year. It will help you best navigate your plans and energies for each individual animal sign, and your numerology for this year. 


Please Note: The Registration is for one person only. If there are additional persons with you, they will need to register also. 


Date and Time: January 18th Noon PST-2 PM

Fee: $75.00

Register through PayPal: PAYPAL LINK

The Link for the Session and the Calendar will be sent to you three days prior to the workshop

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